Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Olympians We Know, Rio 2016

The summer Olympis are here and I we would like to wish Good Luck to the Olympians we know.

Lea Davison, In The Arena and L.L Bean Athlete
Mountain Biker and Community Mentor 
Jericho, VT

2012 Olympian 
US National Champion 

Lea will be competing on August 20th. 

In The Arena Alumna Sarah Groff True 
4th Place at the 2012 Olympics
Sarah will be competing on August 20th 

Jurgen Themen
2008, 2012 Olympian
2x World Championship Participant
100m Surinamese National Record Holder 10.48
Track & Field Men's 100m 
Jurgen will be competing on August 13th

Sunayna Wahi
Track & Field Men's 100m 
Sunayna will be competing on August 12th
From Suriname

They talked about it, they dreamed of it.. On the meantime, they made sure to make the best of their given opportunity. They focused on the task at hand, moved to Alamosa, committed to run for Adams State. Since 2013 they strived to be the best with a dream in the back of their  mind, making the #olympic team together. Jurgen and Sunayna are extraordinary students and citizens. From time to time they have  volunteered their time in our @inthearena_team programs in #Alamosa.  The #InTheArena crew in Alamosa will be cheering on Sunayna Wahi and Jurgen Themen at this summer Olympics in Rio as they will proudly represent they country #Suriname. Congrats!  Lo hablaron, lo soñaron. Mientras sucedía se aseguraron de aprovechar toda oportunidad, se enfocaron en las obligaciones de ese momento, se mudaron a Alamosa y comprometieron a correr para Adams State. Desde el 2013, trabajaron para ser mejores estudiantes, atletas y personas siempre con ese sueño en su subconsciente, ir a la Olimpiada juntos. Sunayna y Jurgen son dos  estudiantes y personas extraordinarias. De vez en cuando han servido de manera voluntaria en los programas de #InTheArena aquí en Alamosa. El grupo de In The Arena estará apoyando a Sunayna y Jurgen en las Olimpiadas de este Verano en Río cuando ambos estén representando orgullosamente a su país, Suriname. Felicidades!!!! #makesomethingtodayimpacttomorrow #hazalgohoyimpactamañana
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Matylda Kowal
3000m Steeplechaser from Poland
Matylda will be competing on August 12th
Matylda's favorite high altitude training venue is Alamosa. She enjoys visiting our after school programs when she is in town. 

Other athletes that from time to time we shared the same training venues during their training days in Alamosa.

Brenda Martinez
1500m Track and Field
World Championships Bronze Medalist
Brenda will be competing on August 12th

Boris Berian 
World Indoor Champion
800m Track and Field 
Boris will be competing on August 12th

The very best to the Olympians we know!

Our  @inthearena_team youth, mentors, friends, parents and volunteers from Immigrant Resource Center  were elated to be able to express their #love #support #admiration and #gratitude  to (@nini_sur) Sunayna and Jurgen.  We will be cheering loud and sound for you and your beloved country #Suriname. We are in awe not only by your athletic accomplishments-"You are  Olympians!" but also your academic and civic ones. Run with heart! Nuestros niños,  mentores,  amigos, padres de familia y voluntarios del Centro de Recursos para el Inmigrante nos sentimos felices  de poder expresar nuestro #cariño, #apoyo, #admiración  y #gratitud a Sunayna  y Jurgen. Estaremos  apoyándo a  ustedes y su querido país de Suriname. Admirados no sólo de sus logros atleticos-"Son Olímpicos!" pero  académicos y civicos también. Corran de Corazón #Rio2016 #SummerOlympics Note:  Sunayna and Jurgen have  volunteered  at our #InTheArena  events since they  arrived to Adams State in 2013. Ellos han hecho servicio comunitario en varios programas de #EnLaArena desde que llegaron a la Universidad de Adams State.  #makesomethingtodayimpacttomorrow #HazAlgoHoyImpactaMañana #caracter #character #community #comunidad
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Sunday, July 24, 2016


Upon my return from California and with the 4th of July a few hours away all  that could think on my way back home was how bless I was to have the freedom to do what I love. I was excited to meet up with my kids and start our summer running program, but before that, we had an event to attend, the 4th of July Parade in Alamosa.

Even tough the number of attendees was lower than previous years, that fact made me happy. "Really?" you migh ask.. Yes, having less kids participating at the 4th of July parade meant only one thing, either our kids were on vacation or left early to go camping or hiking with their family.  It was nice to have another group of kids ready to rise to the occasion and so they did. 

Our appearance at the parade was neat. This year we carried flags and gave out candy. Then once we run out of candy we offered young spectators to join us for a short race, about  60m. 

By the time we approached the end of the parade we ended up running a total of 6 races where kids from the crowd did not hesitate when we all asked 
"Who  wants to race with us?" 


The whole experience was wonderful as it gave us an opportunity to celebrate with the rest of the community such special occasion: Independence Day.

This year we were so fortunate to have Carmille Garcia come and capture through the lens of her camara some great moments. To see the entire album click HERE.

                   After the parade we took the kids to Milagro's Cafe for a smoothie and some social time.