Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here are some pictures of the International Walk to School Day Event.


Be, Dream, and Believe!

Monday, December 15, 2008


According to the oficial International Walk to School webpage:

"In 2006, an estimated 5,000 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia held Walk to School events"

"In 2007, millions of walkers from around the world walked to school"

Here in Alamosa, Colorado the International Walk to School Day is celebrated in early October. All the students from Alamosa are encouraged to meet at the local park early in the morning to walk to school.

Who Are They?

This is my second year participating. This time I walked over Boyd Elementary School with 2nd and 3rd graders. Boyd Elementary is just a mile away from the park.

It was wonderful to see parents, teachers and volunteers involved in such a fun event.

After the event, I spend some time with students at the cafeteria.

For additional information:

Be, Dream, and Believe!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


During the summer I got a phone call from a parent of one of the members of the Alamosa High School Cross Country (XC) Team. This phone call was an open invitation to come and support the Cross Country Team with a fundraising.

Head Coach: Larry Zaragoza

All the XC athletes agreed on having a 24 hour relay. The relay consisted on running around the Ortega Middle School dirt track for 24 hours. They would log the miles ran and then they would go out and find someone to sponsor them.
The sponsor would agree to pay .25 cents for each mile run by the athlete during those 24 hours. The purpose of this fudraisig was to cover the traveling expenses for a XC race in San Diego.

I was happy to be part of such a amazing event. That day I still had a p.m run, so I joined the group around 6:00pm and run 6 miles around the track while the athletes took a break and had some dinner.

Coach: Peter De La Cerda

The energy, enthusiasm and support all these athletes had was amazing. It was wonderful to see how some parents and family members came to cheer on the team. I left home around 9:00p.m to get some sleep on my bed while all the coaches and team members stayed on the field the entire night. The athletes would take turns to run and sleep until 8:00am the next day.

The following morninig I got up at 6:00 a.m and headed to the track and run 11 miles. The miles I run were given to some of the athletes that had less miles. It was nice to be part of such an event. I was inspired and honor to be part of a 24 hour relay run.

To me this is a real TEAM..

Thank You Alamosa High School XC team for your example..

Be, Dream, and Believe!