Sunday, March 22, 2015

ITA Tutoring Program

The after school tutoring program in Alamosa is the core of my community work in the San Luis Valley. The kids that participate in the program are the ones that in many ways direct me to other different activities through the year. Today I want to acknowledge their improvement both in their academic and civic lives. All of our ITA kids have improved their academic grades significantly and their confidence levels are up the roof. Our older participants are writing their own successful stories in Middle School and High School. All of them are involve in an extra curicular activity and already dreaming big. Also, within the program many of our kids have become an example and mentors to our youngest generation. Today, I want to honor their hard work, discipline and dedication.  The best part of my "community work" is having kids hold and share their report cards with pride. A look of what goes on inside the office at the after school tutoting program. Lots of credit to our Immigran Resource Center volunteers, Beatriz, Roxanne, Laura and  to our disciplinary volunteer and sister Norma. To In The Arena, Thank You for believing in the power of mentoring.

Full House ~ The quiet corner

For Araceli's history project we had to step out of the office.

Catie makinh great improvements ~ Her imagination blows my mind.

We have our own a publisist.. "Come here to help you with your homework, ITS FREE!" 
The day Araceli brought her baby cousin~ Good Lesson!

From time to time we have special guests like an NCAA Champion Jannelle Olsen

Love it when  the "older boys" show up.
Little Jessica 

I have a feeling she will be into art.
Jessica makes the newspaper!

Lupita will protect you!
Alicia tutoring Camilia

Araceli taking charge
Norma takes care of the spanish homework and the discipline.
Another guest,  Olympian Karolina Jarzoniska from Poland.
Odalis wins  2015 Conservation drawing contest ~ Lupita is impressed!

Time with our youngest generation.

Roxane and Norma

The Sisters, Luna, Wendy and Rosi.  Recently, Luna was named student of the month.

When Norma is not around and we are done with homework,
we goof around. 
Starts all over us~" Zoila put on the the Wig!!!"

Sunday, March 8, 2015

ESL Classes

 Some of my most favorite moments in pictures from our English as a Second Language Classes!

  I can not think of another way to give back.. I take this opportunity and this moment very seriously. It really makes me feel bless in many ways. Each class has become my meditation, reflection and inspiration moment. This women bring the best in me as a person and I love it. I feel extremely bless to pass on what I've learned.  A language I have fallen in love and that has opened many doors of opportunity and allowed me come into contact with extraordinary people and places.
 I do believe that  Education is the key to success, growth and happiness. I'm proud to be part of something bigger than myself~ I am proud of this amazing group of women. Their work, dedication and commitment is inspiring!

An A+ homework assignment!

My In The Arena  L.L. Bean tote bag in every class. 

 Where: Tierra Nueva Apartments in Alamosa, Colorado. Main Office
When: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Time: 10:00a.m to 12:00p.m 

Be, Dream, Believe!
Se, Sueña y Cree!