Sunday, July 24, 2016


Upon my return from California and with the 4th of July a few hours away all  that could think on my way back home was how bless I was to have the freedom to do what I love. I was excited to meet up with my kids and start our summer running program, but before that, we had an event to attend, the 4th of July Parade in Alamosa.

Even tough the number of attendees was lower than previous years, that fact made me happy. "Really?" you migh ask.. Yes, having less kids participating at the 4th of July parade meant only one thing, either our kids were on vacation or left early to go camping or hiking with their family.  It was nice to have another group of kids ready to rise to the occasion and so they did. 

Our appearance at the parade was neat. This year we carried flags and gave out candy. Then once we run out of candy we offered young spectators to join us for a short race, about  60m. 

By the time we approached the end of the parade we ended up running a total of 6 races where kids from the crowd did not hesitate when we all asked 
"Who  wants to race with us?" 


The whole experience was wonderful as it gave us an opportunity to celebrate with the rest of the community such special occasion: Independence Day.

This year we were so fortunate to have Carmille Garcia come and capture through the lens of her camara some great moments. To see the entire album click HERE.

                   After the parade we took the kids to Milagro's Cafe for a smoothie and some social time.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sea Level Training Camp II

Training camp at sea level this past month was exciting and adventurous. Enjoyed meeting with high school teammates and sharing our Cross Country experience with the XC team. Seeing my teammates from junior college and sharing with their kids was wonderful. I also had the opportunity to stop at Santa Ana College and share my experience and run with the Cross Country team.
Here a recap of my 3 weeks at sea level through my instagram pictures.

Time with my nieces and new nephew.

Having my Junior College Coach, David Fier ride with us during a tempo run with former Orange Coast College and Adams State teammate was fun.

Then, I had a chance to share with my sister Lizbeth's network of support. A grest feeling to have a chance to thank them for their love and support toward my ister Liz.

One of my main training venues..

Former teammate, Tiffanie Cordova and I sharing our high school exprience at Coasta Mesa High.

Then a 10 mile run and a visit to Santa Ana College with  the Cross Coutry team.

Thankful for the 10 mile run on the Santa Ana River Trail with an enthusiastic group of runners who like me have the privilege to run and make the best of their given talent. During our run I saw lots of life, hope, dreams, aspiration. I saw a group of young athletes who want to not only make the difference, but be the difference in their families, team and communities. The more we join in the movement the better! Welcome to the @inthearena_team Santa Ana Junior College XC team. The very best in your journey!  Agradecida  por el entreno de 16km en el sendero del Río Santa Ana con un grupo de corredores entusiastas quien como yo tienen el privilegio de correr y hacer lo mejor de su talento. Durante el recorrido vi mucha vida, esperanza, sueños, aspiraciones, motivacion, energía. Vi a un grupo que decea ser y hacer la diferencia en su familia, equipo y comunidad. Entre mas seamos mejor. Bienvenidos a @inthearena_team equipo de Campo Traviesa de Santa Ana. Lo mejor en su travesía! #seasonafterseason #makesomethingtodayimpacttomorrow #thewaylifeshouldbe  #temporadatrastemporada #hazalgohoyimpactamañana #ComolaVidaDeberiaSer
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So nice to share paths with my brother and Coach Fier

It felt like we never left. All of us ended up graduating from college. So awesome!

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