Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rock n Roll San Antonio

I got to see two of my most favorite people. Nicole Mericle who hosted my at her house for a month back in 2007 when I was preparing for the World Championships that took place in Japan. She was in Houston helping Jeremy Nelson, the roll recovery guy. I became good friends with Jeremy and his wife Adriana Nelson back in 2007 when both run the Chicago Maraton and that night they invited me to a Romanian party. Another reason I love this whole racing thing. You get to meet and become friends with the most kindhearted people. 

I came to the Rock n Roll with lots of hope. After several weeks of great consistent training I was excited to find out hoe my body woud respond. I knew in my heart that I was ready for a personal best. My goal was to walk away from the finish line with confidence and excitment for the next race.  The race turned out to be just the way I envisioned. I felt relax and under control. I was able to finally average a pace under  6 minutes. My average for the 13.1 miles was 5:51 good for 1:16:54 a 2 minute improvement from my last try in San Jose. Therefore I did walk away happy, proud and very grateful to be In The Athletic Arena.

Without In The Arena and L.L Bean support It would be impossible for me to live these experiences. I love my job with the kids, Im in love with running and I feel very fortunate to be part of an organization and a company that share the same passion with me. Im so proud of what we do that I want the world to know who they are thats why I wear the In The Arena and L.L Bean Jersey.
For many sponsors or supporters it is part of the deal you wear their logo during your races, for ITA and L.L Bean is not a requirement. That in itself speaks of the nature of commitment and believe they have in the In The Arena athletes. 

I know there is so much to do and to see in and outside the athletic and civic arenas. I treasure every minute of this second chance. Now days is really hard to find a sponsor to believe in an athlete that was physically broken for two years and has no results. To be valued for other talents is priceless.

After almost one week in San Antonio, it was wonderful to come home and find this amazing surprise. For now on, I will be able to carry L.L Bean and In The Arena with me to all civic and athletic events. I feel it is important for people to know who is behindall the ITA life changing  events for our mentees  happen.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


The most memorable moments in life are worth to wait for. At times I just want to jump in a plane or get on my car to #OklahomaCity  to hold this angel. My "little" sister's, @aliz83  and @randomhero199, #Love, #Miracle, #Greatestgift ~ Little Scarlett  has two loving and caring parents that adore her, wished and waited with anticipation for her conception and arrival. For the meantime, I know the wait will be worthy. #Thankful for my #niece  Vale la pena esperar por esos momentos memorables de tu vida. Por momentos quiero subirme a un avión, subirme al carro e ir hasta Oklahoma y abrazar a este angel.  El amor, milagro y regalo mas grandioso de mi hermana menor, Alicia y su esposo Luke. La pequeña Scarlett cuenta con unos padres que la adoran y esperaron su concepción y llegada con ansiedad. Por el momento se que la espera para abrazarla valdrá la pena. #Agradecida por mi #sobrina
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This week served as an outlet to do more searching and finding on what it really means to be alive. The purpose behind ones existance and the motive to keep persuing excellence. Moments that impact my daily life positively.

For many Thanksgiving means having that opportunity to be closer to love ones. Thanksgiving is by far my most favorite holiday. In fact, thats the only holiday I celebrate. This year I celebrated Thanksgiving by commiting to my long term goals and doing something I love doing: Run, Eat, Sleep.. At dinner time, I prepared a dish that would allowed me to be ready for the next days workout. In my spared time I took advantage of social media to communicate with those I love. During Black Friday while people were lining up excited to do their shopping, I most likely was on my third dream of the night.

Its in weeks like this one that I get to connect to myself, the spiritual world and I pay more attention to nature and my surroundings. This week was like being in a spiritual retreat where all you do is Pray, Eat, Sleep... but in my case I get to Meditate, Run, Eat and Sleep..

The instagram  pictures are some of the best or most thankful moments of the week.. Some moments as old as an 18 year old..

1997 California Division IV High School #CrossCountry State Championships Results. My first athletic team.. First State Title for Costa Mesa High School in any sport.. 11th place & 2nd on the team. We all gave our very best and ran with our #hearts on that given day #proud #mustang.. My #teammates and #coaches did so much for me that season that truly impacted the rest of my life.. 18 years ago... 3,11,13,15,30,92,121 #makesomethingtodayimpacttomorrow Resultados del Estatal de Campo Traviesa de la División IV nivel preparatoria de 1997. Mi primer equipo de atletismo. Primer Campeonato Estatal ganado para la preoaratoria de Costa Mesa en cualquier deporte.. Quedé en 11 lugar y fui la 2da en el equipo .. Ese día todas corrimos con el corazón y dimos lo mejor. #mustang #Orgullosa Mis compañeras de equipo y entrenadores hicieron mucho por mi esa temporada que verdaderamente impacto el resto de mi vida.. Hace ya 18 años.. #hazalgohoyimpactamañana
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Tomorrow, the schedule changes as we go back to tutoring and on Friday I will be traveling to San Antonio, Texas to run the Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon.

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Be, Dream, Believe!
Se, Sueña y Cree!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Grateful for In The Arena

First and formost, I am very grateful for another amazing year with In The Arena. 
In The Arena has allowed me to do, to see, to witness, to experience and to share life with our youth in the purest way possible.. I love being part of an organization that allows you to be yourself and gives you the freedom to implement the programs you believe in and convert those crazy ideas into reality. To say that I love being a mentor, a friend, and an athlete will be an understatement.  
Im thankful for all of those people who believed In The Arena and continue to support us. Behind each athlete there is a donor. Someone that also decided to make a difference in our youth. Thanks to their donations I get to see kids smile, I get to see their grades go up. I get to see many of them become leaders. Others have become or help their teams become State Champions.

I get to be the one that receives the good news when another kids wants to do a sport or join the music club. I'm also the one who gets that unexpected call asking if we can talk or if I can take them to a game, a party or an school event. My job is to motivate kids to believe in their dreams, to ask for help and to reach as high as they can. Also my job is to be there for them when they need me. To listen when they speak, to let them cry if they have to and to laugh when the storm has passed. 

Im very thankful I live in a small town where I ca be at many different places in one day. Im thankful I dont have to rush back home because I will hit traffic. The extra minutes I get to spend with our youth are golden.
I survived my own youth thanks to mentors and people that deeply cared for me. People that lend me a hand and believed in me. Im thankful In The Arena allows me to do the same for our kids while In The Arena does it for me.

Im thankful for the In The Arena team, Margaret the athlete coordinator and Amory Rowe, the founder. Thank you, thank you for working and believing in us, the In The Arena athletes. 

Im thankful for L.L Bean. Even tough I am in love with their product, I am even more in love with their commitment to help make a difference in our youth. Im thankful for giving the In The Arena athletes the opportunity to share their stories and work in different venues.

Im thankful for the relationships we have developed through the years in and outside the organization.

The trust and love one gets back from our mentees is second to none. My In The Arena "job" bring happiness and joy to my life and for  that I am forever grateful!

To the entire In The Arena Team: Thank God for You!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

In The Arena in Oklahoma

Today I got a chance to practice, challenge myself, encourage others and get inspired and encouraged by the best.. From a 68 year old woman who ran a 5km to a 13 year old boy who took a wrong turn and ended up running double the distance; to the greatest and most supportive #sister and the amazing runners from today's #greatratrace #kids and #adults 1 mile #5km #10km at the #watonga #cheeseandwine #festival Hoy tuve la oportunidad de practicar, retarme, animar a otros y ser animada e inspirada por los mejores.. Desde una señora de 68 años que corrió 5km a un joven de 13 años que corrió doble de la distancia; a la mejor de las hermanas que siempre me apoya y todos los corredores de hoy, niños y adultos en Watonga, Oklahoma en el festival del queso y el vino.. #HowWeBean #WeAreInTheArena #outerstrength
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After my short visit in Oxnard I headed to Oklahoma City for a 3 week sea level training stint. The goal was to test how my body would respond to the training. Like anything all decisions come with a risks, adjustments and many logistics. Where to go? Where to stay? Where to train? Financially, how much is this going to cost? etc I have been in Oklahoma before when I came to visit my siter Alicia and her husnad Luke. I was already somewhat familiar with the area and knew of the places to train. Alicia and Luke have always been very supportive. A few moths ago, they offered me their place for me to stay whenever I wanted to go train or race at sea level. Both know how much it means to me to be back training and what it would take for me to get that  Olympic Trials qualifier.

My comeback has not been easy. For the contrary, it has been more difficult and slower than expected. Nonetheless, trust me when I say that I am enjoying every step of the way, every result. This "comeback" has allowed me to look back and truly appreciate and put into perspective the achievements from the past and enjoy to the best every time I get to lace my shoes now. 

The first week in Oklahoma was a challenge as I could hardly walk after the mountain run the day before my arrival. For 5 days,  I had to train according to how my body felt  each day. By Saturday, I was able to get back into my normal training schedule and I found myself running some 1km repeats on the track. The following days you would see me running around Lake Hefner or around the neighborhood.

The second week I signed up for a local 10km race in Watonga, Oklahoma  just an hour away from my sisters house. The support and encouragement I receive from participants and race director was second to none. It was fun to participate in a race where people were genuinely happy to be there. 
 That morning I ended up running by myself the whole way. I was hoping to run in the high 35s, low 36s but again my legs would get stuck on one pace and not wanting to switch gears. Even though I won the entire race there was a feeling of disappointment, but thankfully that did not last
too long as I was able feed up from the positive energy from other participants and see the experience from another perspective. I was able to put in a good run and in the process inspire and be
inspired by a few. It was wonderful to share another running experience with my younger sister Alicia and it was wonderful to be able to run pain free.  After I finished, many people and kids came to say hi and congratulate me on the win. Some asked for advise and shared their running story.

During my cool down I decided to head back to the course and see if anyone needed a pacer. To my surprice 1km to go I came across this young boy whom by mistake ended running the 10km instead of the 5km. We connected and he accepted me pacing him for the the last 1km. At the award ceremony, we celebrated together the fact that we made it to the finish line.
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Since Watonga did not go as planned, I decided to stay for another week. The following weeks of training there went great. I enjoy the sunsets at Lake Hefner as well as some beutiful encounters with other runners and other people.
We arrive at the same time, they inspired me as I see them cheerfully  running away from me.. The scene was beautiful.. 1 hour later, we come across each other at the other side of the lake.. I notice the youngest one is struggling, so I cheer her on. They are 4km away from where they started.. 15 minutes after  I'm done with my  run, I look around, I don't see them so decide to get on the car and check on them.. I find them 3km out.. Asked if they need  water, a ride back.. For a moment they hesitate, then accept the ride.. "Do you speak Spanish Ricardo asks" "Si" I answered.. Ricardo: "Where are you from?" Me: "Soy de San Luis"  Ricardo: "Nosotros tambien"  Big lake, small world! Llegamos al mismo tiempo, me inspiro al verles muy contentos alejarse corriendo de mi..La escena fue linda.. 1 hora mas tarde nos reencontramos del otro lado del lago.. La pequeña se ve exhausta, así que con una sonrisa la animo..Están a 4km de su punto de partida.. 15 minutos después de que termine de correr.. Los busco no los puedo ver, así que me subo al carro para ir a buscarlos.. Los encuentro al kilómetro 3.. Pregunto si están bien, si ocupan agua, o un aventón a su carro.. Sudados y muy cansados, dudan pero aceptan el aventón. . " Hablas español?" Pregunta Ricardo.. "Si" le contesto.. Ricardo: "De dónde eres?" Yo: " De San Luis Potosi"  Ricardo: "Nosotros también"  Lago grande, mundo pequeño!  #makesomethingtodayimpacttomorrow #hazalgohoyimpactamañana  #outerstrength #lakehefner
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The highlight for Lake Hefner was the day I arrived and I was inspired by a group of two teenagers and two kids running away from me as they looked excited to be outdooors. The scene was so inspiring that I was only able to take a mental picture. An hour later I saw the group 4km away from where I first saw them. Roughly 15 minutes after I finished my run, I looked around and I could not see the crew. I got concern so, I jump in the car and went to look for them. I found them 3km out and struggling so I offered them a ride back. After deliberating, they say yes and I took them back to their car. I congratulated them for being outdoors and gave them a few tips on hydration and on how to make the next trip to Lake Hefner more enjoyable.

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Also, I would like to thank, the athletic dicrector from Piedmont High School for allowing me to use their track facilities and hurdles during my stay.

Part of being #InTheArena means knocking on doors, asking for help, finding resources and ways  to accomplish that workout of the day.. Shout out to #Piedmont Athletic director for allowing me to use their facilities. My morning was more than complete when I got to encourage a group of elementary school kids at their 1/2 mile run during  P.E Class.. It was in the fall of 1997 in a mile run during P.E Class that my love affair with running started.. #HowWeBean #llbean  #makesomethingtodayimpacttomorrow #memories #madetolast #outerstrength Parte de estar "En el ring" significa tocar puertas, pedir ayuda, buscar los recursos y maneras de lograr hacer el entreno del dia.. Un reconocimiento público al director de atletismo de las escuelas de Piedmont por permitirme usar sus instalaciones.. Mi mañana más que completa al tener la oportunidad de animar a un grupo de niños de primaria mientras corrían 800m en la pista en su clase de Educación Fisica.. Fue en 1997 donde mi amor por el atletismo  comenzó justo en una clase de Educación Fisica.. #hazalgohoyimpactamañana #memorias #hechoparaqueperdure
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My theme for this trip was "Add color to your life" and it all started when I started packing.. I believe bright colors bring are magical. They pump me up and make me feel energized. I love sporting my L.L Bean singlets and shorts. The weather and training venues in Oklahoma were perfect to sport my most favorite training gear.

The most rewarding part of chasing a dream is being able to share the journey and adventures with love ones. I enjoyed every dinner and moment I got to share with Alicia and her husband Luke, the ones I will get to blame for feeding that burning desire to go after my running dreams...

 Be, Dream Believe!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mentoring Along The Way

Since I was a little girl I was sure my role in life was to help others. I was never good at math or science, but I loved philosophy, mythology, history, reading, poetry and speech. I was in 1st grade when I met my very first mentor. Her name was Coco and she was in charge of teaching me this amazing poem I was going to recite on Independence day at the local "Teatro del Pueblo" (Open Theater). I remember glimpses of that night. Instead of being nervous, I was excited. I was excited to show the world aka town and my family that all the hours of practice were worth it. I nailed it.

Then, reciting became a hobby and a free entertainment at family gatherings and school events. In middle school, I loved competing at poetry and speech contests. Never won, but recalled giving a fight.  As you can see having a mentor at such young age helped in the future. Im sure all those experiences mentioned above were the foundation of what my true calling in life is. Running has been the platform, but I do feel mentoring is the real big deal.

The past month has been full of both running and mentoring experiences in and outside the athletic arena. Let's take a look..

After a tutoring session, long time ITA member and nephew, Brayan Flores asked me if we could go for a driving practice session. As a mentor I am in. He is 16th now and this is what is important to him at the moment. To be able to say "Yes" and get a few minutes to mentor on the dirt and open roads outside Alamosa is priceless. As an In The Arena ane L.L.Bean athlete my mission is to make something on any given day that will impact our kids lives tomorrow. Diana and Araceli joined us for a ride that day.. So that day, it was not one, but 3 young souls we got to reach out to.

Two weeks ago, I got a chance to jump into the athletic arena at the Rock n Roll, San Jose.. The highlight of the day was not my time or place.. 1:19:03, but some of the  girls I got to compete against. For a few miles, It was Kristen McGlynn-Arendt former Adams State athlete and someone I've shared my journey ups and downs with during her years at Adams forst as a mentor, coach and friend. We tried to helped eachother int the first miles and that felt great on both ends. 
Another athlete that was there and I met back in 2007 during a speaking engagement at Concordia University in Irvine California is Alma Padilla. I was very happy to be there and in a way experience with them what the good fight is all about. On my end, I feel Im making improvements, my body is responding and it will be patience and wisdom that will get where I want to be. 

After the race, I got on a plane to head to Los Angeles where and amazing, empowering mentor was waiting for me to take me to Oxnard. For the past year, Mr. Jose Murillo has been insisting that I go to Oxnard to share my story to kids there. I agreed on coming after San Jose to do some community maping ad planning for a future more formal speaking engagement to not only elementary School, but as many or all schools in the area. Mr. Murillo feels my story need to be share and told as he feels great deal of admiration for all I have accomplished in both the civic and athletic arenas. During my quick visit, I got a chance to speak at a 4th grade class and give them a sneak peek of a future presentation. Kids are amazing and during their recess many of them went and found me at the school library to ask questions and chat some more. While we were speaking about nutrition, one of the girls said " Im paying more attention to you than my own teacher, quiz me" Can wait to come back and spend more time with these kids..

All of this may sound amazing, I may even seem like a super hero to some, but mentoring goes both ways. Once you are able to teach, reach to others is like getting another life. In top of that, during the journey one gives others the opportunity to help out and contribute, to show you and teach you something new.  I was hosted by an amazing, compassionate couple who treated me like their daughter. That night when I arrived, we all went to church as a family, had an amazing  traditional homemade dinner from Guadalajara, Carne en su Jugo and the day before I left I was taken on an amazing run up in the mountains with my newest mentor, Mr. Murillo. A real treat! 

I have not done poetry in years, I do enjoy speaking engagements, love each aspect of mentoring, read here and there. I'm very fortunate and happy to have the best of three worlds: mentor, mentee and athlete. 

After my visit in Oxnard, I flew to Oklahoma for a 3 week sea level training camp with the most supportive team on earth, my sister Alicia and her husband Luke.  More on that on my next blog..

Saturday, September 19, 2015


The fall has arrive and with it a new school year which means  another opportunity to help our kids at the ITA after school program. This school year Immigration Resource Center along with Tierra Nueva apartments will continue  to be by our side. The Immigrant Resource will continue to provide snacks for our kids along with the help of Laura and Elsa.This will be Laura's second year and Elsa's first. We all get very excited when we get to have new volunteers come and help us. So if you are reading this and live in the area and would like to volunteer, know you or anyone else you might know are welcome.

Tierra Nueva Apartments will continue to let us use the community room.
Also, I want to thank Steve from the Alamosa Quiropractic center for donating school supplies for the third consecutive year. Steve is constantly asking how he could help.
My sister Norma has also agreed to continue to help and supervise the times I have to travel for an speaking engagement, competition or training. A huge relieve as the program will roll all year around.

When and Where

Monday-Thursdays at 4:30pm
600 South Craft
Community Room

This would not work out if we did not have the main ingredient, our kids. The need still there and our kids love coming to the after school program to either do homework, help others with homework, help organize or implement an idea.

Just last week, 5th grader Jessica, spent an hour organizing our library and a week later she started a new program of her own called, Art Class with Jessica. I loved the concept. Once a kid is done with homework they can go with Jessica and ask her for a drawing (made from scratch  by her) to color. Jessica then becomes Miss Tomas Lopez. I already have my first drawing up in my refrigerator.

We also added, therapy sessions done by 8th grader, Araceli. She wants to be a psychologist and asked if she could start giving us some counseling sessions. I already had two sessions of 20 and 15 minutes each and let me tell you. She will be good at it. Here Araceli  gets to learn about ethics and confidentiality and we the clients about trust.  She already has 5 clients including myself. The other good thing about this sessions is that they are FREE!
Can't help but smile as I type this. My girls are growing, learning and starting to visualize and see themselves succeeding in the future. Many many things to be proud of and many more work to be done.
Next week, I will be heading to San Jose to run the RocknRoll San Jose Half. Training has gone well. I look forward to compete and challenge myself physically and mentally. After that, the plan is to spend a couple of weeks training  at sea level with my sister Alicia in Oklahoma.
Looking forward to make the best of this new opportunity, see how my body responds and practice the here and now..

I am more than grateful to be able to workout everyday. Never imagined 2km repeats would ever felt like an indulgence. Loving each mile at a time... Happy me = Happy mentor = Happy kids..

Like a round circle where we all win!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Run With ITA: A Wrap Up!

The Run With ITA program  became more than just a program.. Its the root of long lasting positive relationships for all of those involved. Each day we met, it left us with a positive story or a life changing event. After each session, I would always go home with a huge smile on my face.

This year we had more guest than ever. Our kids loved that. Then enjoyed getting to know them. The part than I was most proud about was that we all enjoyed our program. At the end the program was ours. Every kids contributed  with new ideas and ways to keep it interesting and alive. Pictures, manicures, bike rides, new loops, etc.  Many of the mothers got more involved and even participated with us in some of the running events. It was so much fun and very touching to see them play tag with their own kids. To hear a kid say something like "Did you see that, my mom is fast" both the action and the fact are priceless.

At times one can easily think kids are hard to deal with or they dont listen. Well, our ITA kids have proved that to be wrong. Once you give a kid respect and attention, they will have apositive response by making it easier for you to deal with tem and listen to you. After our nutrition classes from last years program, I could tell the kids were more open to try new snacks = zero complains. One time, I had this crazy idea in y mind that bananas for snack was going to be a complete failure. I was prepared to go back home with lots of bananas. To my surprise, bananas were a hit. Kids loved them. Then, I it all made sence. After a nice afternoon of excersice, its very hard to deny a healthy snack. A fact:  Kids can teach and they teach you well.

I could go on and on about the Run With ITA summer program.. Instead, be the judge, click HERE and let us know what you think and what is it that you see. Hope it inspires you to make a movement and do something similar and create a Run with your family or your community program where ever you might be.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

4th of July Celebration ITA Style

This year's 4th of July celebration was a great opportunity for our kids to test their fitness, take part on the annual 4th of July Alamosa's parade, meet new mentors and share some sweet moments with the entire  Alamosa community.

Our day started with the 3rd annual 4th of July ITA fun run. This year our kids and parents raced, joged and walked 800m on an open dirt road near were all of our kids live before we headed downtown for the parade.
The 4th of July events turned into a very special day for all of our kids. We all went home with  lifted spirits.

 We were proud to share with the community who we are and what we do. This sets us up for the upcoming school year. This event has become the benchmark for what we want to accomplish in the future and a reward for all we accomplished through the year and the summer.

 This summer we started our Run With ITA program with a goal in mind and that was to be able to enjoy the 4th of July race. Needless to say, they all did that. Our kids are fearless when it comes to stepping on a starting line. Yes, practice does make perfection plus there is always this type of strength and energy one can only get from the outside. When it comes down to finding outerstrength our ITA kids know how and where to find it.

As for the parade, I loved seeing our kids interact and feel like they belong to something. To know that we are more than this group that does homework and runs in the summer. We are a group of people that has the power to inspire others and deserve to be inspired and motivated by others too.  Having the opportunity to experience and practice  giving back is priceless. We all need that.

It would be impossible for me to do this type of events by myself. From participants to volunteers, we all know it does take a village to do something very special.

Thank you to our amazing group of volunteer.

Jurgen Themen:  Olympian and 2-Time World Championship Participant. Runs the 100m and 200m for Adams State. This is Jurgen's 2nd year volunteering for ITA.  He represented his country, Suriname at the 2008 Olympics and the world champuonships in Osaka 2007 and Berlin 2009.
Sunayna Wahi: Panamerican games participant. Runs the 100m and 200m for Adams State. Also her 2nd year volunteering for ITA. She represented her country Suriname at the panamerican games.

Sunayna and Jurgen's main duty is to help carry the L.L Bean tote bag full of candy and distribute during the parade.
James Douglas former Adams State All-American Long Jumper and Alamosa High School Assistant Coach. James helped capture this special day through the lents of his camera. First year volunteering for ITA.

Alicia Nelson former Adams State runner, 9 time National Champion. Alicia has volunteer for ITA in several occasions. This year she also help us capture some moments with her camera.
Parents and participants... Thank You!

Immigrant Resource Center, once again thank you for helping with some of the ITA T-Shirts and candy.

This 4th of July enters into the list of one of our most memorable moments with our ITA crew. Also, this is one of many examples why I would love to repeat the experience again.

Well, are you ready to revive the moment with us through pictures? 

Then let's go, enjoy and click HERE and HERE

"Yes, click there and there"