Sunday, July 15, 2012


RWUS! Alamosa summer session is been a blast. So far,there are many anecdotes to share. I love the fact that I have a full hour to share and connect with the kids. To implement a program like RWUS! there are many things that have to take place and come together. I am extremely proud and honor to have partnered up with three amazing organizations than have the same goal, teach and make a difference in our youth. RWUS! Summer session in Alamosa would not have been possible if it was not for the support of: RWUS! & USATF Foundation, In The Arena, The San Luis Valley Immigrant Resource Center, and Tierra Nueva Apartments.
When I proposed the idea to each and every single one of them, they were very enthusiastic about implementing a RWUS! summer program in Alamosa. Well, so far all i can say is that kids are in love with every piece the program has to offer from working on their notebooks to taking the challenge of running a mile. You can tell, they are starting to know and appreciate their little, but powerful minds and bodies. These kids are truly an inspiration.
My most memorable moment to date is the day we did our second mile run. They warmed up, streched, did drills, visualized and had taken off after I gave the command to go. A few meters into their run an unexpected storm showed up. It stared to rain hard, so I had to have the kids come back. We all run back to the office and when we all met again the first thing they told me was "Why did you stop us, we want to run in the rain" after a few minutes of deliberation they all convinced me that it was okay to run in the rain. I gave the camera to a RWUS!alumni, Layza, who had done the program at Ortega Middle School in May. She took pictures while I ran the mile run with kids in the rain. A fun day for all of us.
This past week, we all found a fun way to learn and move more. Running to the Alamosa elementary school playground. On day 11 we all warmed up there, learned new stretches, dis a visualization exercise, and they all played in the playground before cooling down back home 1/2 a mile or so. I love the fact that this kids are learning skills and healthy patterns that will shape their lives for ever. It does not take much to make a difference in our youth. You all can get involve by volunteering or donating. Our goal is to expand this program nationwide and get as many kids involved as we can. Lets make this happen and get involved today. For more info and pictures visit: RWUS!Official Webpage RWUS! Facebook Page

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Its been an amazing 10 days of Track and Field. World record settings, personal best, ups and downs. Im so proud of every single athlete who will be representing the United States (US) in London 2012. Congratulations to In The Arena athletes who participated at this years trials. Congratulations for having the courage to go after the Olympic Dream. My hat goes off to all of you!! So proud to be your In The Arena colleague. Ben True 10,000m and 5,000m
Mike Hazle Javelin
In the Arena Alumni: Sarah Hall Steeplechase