Sunday, March 6, 2016

A More Serious Attempt

I'm serious at whatever I do. When I'm with my mom I'm a serious daughter, I eat her food and follow her orders. When I am with my nieces and nephews I enjoy breaking the rules with them and I seriously over spend my money on them. When I'm mentoring and tutoring I seriously enjoy each minute we share together and enjoy their venting stories. Well, guess what? I'm commited to run a more serious marathon on April 17th. When I speak about a more serious marathon I mean, serious. My body has been responding to more loads of training, I'm starting to feel like an elite runner again. I puff less on my easy runs and I can stride faster on my fast training. I have been so consistent on my training and have had a very solid base that it only feels right to make a more serious attempt. Please follow me on my Instagram , Twitter or Facebook accounts as I will be sharing my personal daily motivation for the next 42 days. I'm very happy to be able to step to the next level in competition again that I want to share more in detail the journey with you or anyone you may think can benefit and be motivated. More details on my comeback can be also found on this amazing interview by Salty Running.

Kudos and zillion thanks to @saltyrunning for helping me share and address #salty issues like #mentalhealth #exersise #nutrition and how #comebacks can be sweet and inspiring.. Permanent link here: and will be on my profile temporarily. Share with those you know are struggling to get back on their feet. #letsmove #HowWeBean Un reconocimiento y zillion de gracias a @saltyrunning por ayudarme a compartir y hablar de temas #salados como #saludmental #nutricion #ejercicio y como los #regresos pueden ser #dulces e #inspiradores. Enlace aquí y temporalmente en mi perfil.. Comparte con aquellos que estén batallando en levantarse #movamonos

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I'm not your typical sponsor athlete, I'm an athlete who has given the opportunity to work and develop as an athlete to reach her potential while working the most flexible and lovable part time job sharing my love, knowledge and experiences with our youth since I ran my first ever marathon in 2005 in New York City. For that, I thank you, In The Arena and L.L. Bean for your unshatterable belive in my story and my work with our kids and the community. Thank you for allowing me to remain in the athtetic and civic arenas.
Here my racing calendar for the next 42 days. March 12, 2016 15km USA Championships Jacksonville, Florida March 26, 2016 Medio Maratón Venado-Charcas Charcas, San Luis Potosí (Place I was raised and born) April 17 The Lodz marathon /Marathon in Poland
Se, Sueña Y Cree! Be, Dream, Believe!

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