Sunday, June 12, 2016


This summer is a little different, new and exciting. I am back in Southern California for some sea level training. I will be here for the month of June. The beauty of it is that besides getting to train with more oxygen, faster paces, this camp gives me the opportunity to reconnect to the past, to my early beginnings. It is wonderful to drive around the streets that welcomed me into this country, pound on the paths I ran over and over again before transferring to Adams. Its been a week since I arrived and each day has been very special.

Last weekend upon arrival I spent the night with one of my best friends. We had the opportunity to catch up and visit. She also  got to see what its like for me  to prepare and execute a race. I ran the Fontana 5km where I ended up in a very close 2nd place against an athlete I raced in College and former Team USA teammate at  the 2007 World Championships, Mary Akor. Our competitive drive took over and we both ended up running fearless and nailed fast times 16:30 and 16:31. The whole experience was very special as my former junior college Coach, Dave Fier, was there waiting at the finish line just like in the old days. It felt just like when he used to bring us to this race 18 years ago. Im very grateful to have this opportunity. What a way to celebrate this amazing journey. Now, I feel each training and  competition is a celebration of what the body has been able to help  accomplish through the years, the endless memories and the friendships along the way.

Looking back there is nothing I would change. Each experience gave me the tools to tackle life and I can only envision myself looking back 20 years from now feeling the same way. Happy for the choices I made, the friendships I kept, the paths I ran.

This weekend I entered a local 10km road race in Long Beach. When I was heading to the starting line I came across one of my high school teammates, Julie - The conection was instant, we hugged and agreed to meet afterwards so that I could meet her children and visit more with her and her dad who was goint to be there to walk his first 5km after a recent stroke. Mr.Hitt was the man who in very kind words explained to me a smarter way to compete before the startr of CIF Finals in 1998 where I ended up finishing a close 2nd.

I want to run competitively, give good marks without forgetting what the sport has given me. I'm with Julie Feld, today was a great day. Being able to hug her, hug them Walt Hitt, to tell them in person the impact they made in my life was wonderful. I wish for more unexpected reunions like this...

"Today is a great day. Dad finished his first 5K since his stroke in April. It was awesome! And to make a great day even better, we had the pleasure of watching Zoila Gomez win the 10K. It was a wonderful unexpected reunion with my high school teammate!" Julie Feld

Then the story did not end there.. 
The fearless Sharon.. We would leave everything on the field during our Junior College days. So glad to see her again!

"So I thought I was having Santa Ana college days flashbacks while running 10k today. Chasing 1st place female, her running style was all too familiar...and then it turns out it was indeed Zoila! She was the reason I usually took 2nd when running against OCC back in the days. So good to see you my friend. Great racing memories with you! Some things never change" Sharon Moreno 

The beauty of having a lot of brothers and sisters is that when you are  by them on your birthday, one will always come to the rescue and make your birthday one to remmember. A blast sharing part of my day with my sister Lizbeth and my nieces, Mariana,  Litzy and Daniela.. I did it all today. Starting with a great workout at the #orangecoastcollege track,  a nice cool down at #CostaMesaHS followed by a surprised small pool party, nap and sunset with hot chocolate and donuts at the beach was more than I could ask to celebrate one more year of life. Thankful for the past, greatful for the present and hopeful for the future.. Thank God for life.. I'm the sibling #14 and my twin sister Tayde was our #15.. Happiest of Birthdays to Us!  La belleza de tener muchos hermanos y hermanas es que cuando estas cerca de ellos, uno siempre saldrá al rescate y hará todo por hacer que tu día sea uno para recordar. Una pasada compartir con mi hermana Lizbeth este cumpleaños y con mis sobrinas, Mariana, Litzy y Daniela. Hoy lo he hecho todo. Un excelente entreno en la pista del colegio comunitario #Orange Coast, enfriamiento en la preparatoria de Costa Mesa seguida de una fiesta sorpresa en la alberca, la siesta, la puesta del sol en la playa con el chocolate caliente y la dona fue más de lo que puedes pedir para celebrar un año más de vida. Agradecida con el pasado, gratitud para el presente y esperanza para el futuro. Gracias a Dios por la vida. Soy la hermana numero 14 y mi gemela Tayde fue la número 15.. El mas feliz de los Cumpleaños a ambas!!!
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What a way to celebrate this amazing journey called life. Now, I feel each training and  competition is a celebration of what the body has been able to help  accomplish through the years, the endless memories and the friendships along the way.. A huge family reunion indeed..

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Many asked me, "Who are you here for?" "Im here for our Youth, I answered" 

The spring mile fun run at the Alamosa Emelentary is an event the kids, teachers and entire community look up to every year. Personally, this is an event that hits home. This day I devoted my morning time to the event and soon after, its a tradition I invite my nephews out for lunch. This year was Alan's last mile fun run as he will be moving on to middle school. The good news is that the new generation of In The Arena members will keep us coming back to the event for many years to come. My day started with the parents 2 mile fun run. This is my second year participating at the parents fun run.. This fun run gives me the opportunity to show my kids and parents how I run. I enjoy hearing the kids cheer us on along the sidewalk. Many kids get very serious and want to see you win. Others enjoy the fact that you can slow down and give them a high five. This year I was outkicked by a male parent, bad strategy on my end. I learned a distance runner girl like me should not wait for the kick, so next year, I am ready to open a huge gap so that I dont give anybody a chance.. Needless to say, it was wonderful to visit with kids after the race and tell them all about my tactic mistakes and the other good things about competing. All of them seemed to understand and appreciate my efforts by reminding me that next time I would win. A blast!

After the parents race I stayed to cheer on the rest of the races while I got inspired by their free spirit and determination. The following a few pictures and  segments of the races I was able to caught on Camera. So proud of these Mini Moose!
Best friends thanks to a missing shoe.. You might remember him :)
Lupita, so proud of her always giving her best. Her strrenght is second to none
Andres, ran most of the race. Huge accomplishment. So prpud of my Andres
Jessica H and her friends always smiling and working together, Teamwork!
This kid makes my heart smile like no other.Alan ran his best race ever. Im a proud auntie, 
Jessica T ran with many of her friends, pacing them and making sure all of them had a good experience. She is our leader.
Carlos and Angel~ Friendships that last. 
Catie very proud to sport her L.L. Bean jacket. 


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Se, Sueña y Cree!
Be, Dream, Believe!