Sunday, April 26, 2009


Photo by: Linda Relyea


For 2009 the focus has been to run "shorter" distances and chase some PRs on the track. The following is a brief summary of my participation at USA XC Championships, Cherry Blossom 10miler, and the 5km on the track at the Mt.Sac relays.

February 7, 2009
Agricultural History Farm Park -
Derwood, Maryland

The race was at a criterion course. We had to run 4 x around the 2km hilly loop. I went into the race with very high expectations. My goal was to finish in the top 6, so that I could be selected to represent the USA at the XC World Championship in Jordan. My race came to an end just after we pass the 2km mark when I fely a very sharp side stitch on my stomach. I tried to relax and get rid of the pain. I remained positive hoping that the pain would go away and that eventually I could move up in position. I did feel somewhat better towards the end, but at that point It was to late to move up. Also, it was not only the physical pain that was killing me inside, but the emotional one. I finished 20th with a time of 29:21. Later on, I figured out my side stitch was the result of a minor accident I had during training a couple of days before the race where I hit a pole and bruised my rib. I had the side stitch for long 7 days. The most painful 7 training days of my life. In some of my training runs I had to incorporate some walking to make it back to school.

April 5, 2009
Washington, DC
7:40 a.m.

After my experience at XC Nationals, I was so excited to race again. My training prior to the race had gone excellent. Also, I was very anxious to spend a few days in Washington DC. This time around my goal was to ran a smart, strong race. During the race I felt very strong. Yet, I made a tactical mistake that I believe cost me not only a better place, but to ran faster. I let the main pack go after the 1st mile thinking me and the 2nd group would eventually catch up (Not very smart). I ended up doing all the work on the second group and yes, we were not able to catch up. I finished 16th with a time of 55:55.

2009 51st Annual Mt. SAC Relays -
4/16/2009 to 4/18/2009
Hilmer Lodge Stadium-Walnut, CA

Last time I ran a 5km on the track was my senior year while competing for Adams State College back in 2004-"Oh Lord, I am getting old"- I was pumped, excited about this 5km. My goal a PR- Something better than 15:57. This time around I felt physically and mentally ready for the task at hand. No minor accidents during the week and this time around I was planning on choosing the right group to run with. Also, I was expecting it was going to hurt- A PR was not going to come easy.
Everything was as expected until just after we passed the 1km mark when someone that was 2 spots in front of me fell down. The girl that was in front of me was able to jump over. As for me, all I remember is falling down in slow motion and getting up as fast as I could. Too much for a 5km PR- I finished 23rd with a time of 16:23.


Next is a 10km on the track at Stanford Invitational May 2nd, 2009.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today a couple of members of my family and I had the perfect opportunity to see how it does not take much to make children happy. It was around 6:00p.m when I went into my room and decided that it was time to work on my blog. First, I was sure I wanted to post on my performance at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler last weekend in Washington, DC. Then, I recalled I could post about the local Indoor Track meet where a lot of young kids participated back on Valentine's day. Yet, with all these great information and pictures to share I felt something more important was missing.

This weekend, the weather here in Alamosa has been cold and snowy. I was positive none of the kids from the neighborhood were able to celebrate Easter outdoors this weekend. I looked outside and it look "perfect" to go hunt eggs. Right away, I asked my sister if she could help me set up something.To me it was easy, we already had a basket of eggs (40) that we could use to hide. I had a couple of Hanna Montana and Disney shirts, pencils, and a few dollar bills from my piggy bank. All I needed was someone to support me in such a spontaneous event.

My sister was all for it, so I called my nephew Brayan and asked him if he could help. His help was vital as he would be in charge of asking the kids from the neighborhood if they wanted to participate. It was getting late and cold, so we had to move quickly if we wanted to make this happen. Alicia helped me post the ITA banner up,I marked all the eggs and gatherd all the prizes, and Brayan went out to invite as many kids as possible.

Soon, children started coming out of their apartments. All of them were very excited just to participate and their excitement was more obvious when I told them that the majority of the eggs had a special value they could exchange afterwards.

So, for today.. No Cherry Blossom 10 miler and Indoor Track meet recap, but an ITA athlete that was able to see how It does not take a lot to make children happy.

Happy Easter!