Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 Fun Run

Last week, I got to experience something beautiful. Crossing paths with someone that changed the direction of your life is more beautiful than words could explain. In my case, I have been very fortunate to meet many people that led me to where I am today. I have had great mentors that will always have a very special place in my heart. Their trust, time, and believe in me is priceless. The only way one can ever pay is simply by paying it forward. Something that In The Arena allows us to do.

Working with kids all these years has been rejuvenating. Kids have a way to keep you free spirit and in tune with the now. They listen, laugh, cry,  accept, forgive, verbalized and easily move on. Here an event that made me love  and believe in mentoring kids even more.

The Mile Fun Run: 

I was there from begining until the end. I saw kids fall down and stand up. Most of all I saw happy kids embracing the moment. I was very proud of our ITA kids from the after school program.

Paola and I celebrating Camila's close 8th place finish.

Eric asked if I could get him ready for next years fun run as he wishes to do even better. Saul, Esmeralda and Omar battled to the very end  moving up  passing people like crazy.

With a superb kick, Rodolfo finished 4th

Alicia finished in the top 10. After her race the very first thing she did when she saw me was to take off her Jacket to show me her ITA t-shirt. When I grow up I want to run like her, she runs so beautiful. 
Odalis mentioned she wanted to finish in the top 5, she was 2nd.  Sisters, Malia and Olivia 2nd ans 3rd place.. Word on the street is that these 3 want to keep running and will be joining the Penguin Club.. 

Jazmin, Jessica, Jose ran tough and  a baby supporting her older brother.

Jessica H, Alan and his friends. Great run by Jackie (Blue sweat shirt) such a beatiful stride.  Areli finished 6th

Looking forward to follow their strides for many more years to come!!
Be, Dream, Believe!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

ITA with Zuni High School Track Team

The past two weeks have been quite busy. I am now on my third week of full marathon training logging 100+ miles a week, feeling great and enjoying each training run as it comes. I'm also teaching ESL and besides tutoring, I have found myself staying longer helping our kids get
 ready for their mile fun run this coming Friday, May 8th. Hint, hint, expect to be reading a full report on the development and end of this fun story with my kids on my next blog. Another way to get a sneak peak of what you might be reading in the future, I invite  you to follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook as Im making an effort to acknowledge and share  the ITA work we do  through my social media outlets. Also, if you have not and you like what we are doing, please stop by the In The Arena Facebook page and give us a LIKE

Today,  I am exicted to share with you my experience with the  Zuni High School Track Team. Last weekend during their visit to Alamosa for their track meet hosted by Alamosa High Schoo I had the opportunity to share my story, run, dine with the team. The whole idea of meeting up with the Zuni Track Team was exciting as  the relationship between Zuni High School and In the Arena dates back from 2008 when I was invited to speak at their banquet. You can find the link to the blog HERE . Also you will be able to re- experience my visit through this VIDEO.  be ready for some amazing scenery.

Friday, May 22nd: I met with the team after an Adams State Tour to share my running and part of my life story. I enjoyed giving  ITA T-Shirts and LL Bean Hats away to those that participated either by sharing something or asking a question. After the talk and a few pictures, I joined the distance crew for a shake out run along my most favorite and sacred place on earth, the Rio Grande or Rio Bravo. We were able to run on both sides of the river which back in the day one side used to be Mexico and the other the USA.

Saturday, May 23rd: I stopped at the track meet to watch them compete. The highlight of the day besides all the great performances was witnessing a team gather together at the end of the meet in the middle of the infield to  stretch.

Sunday, May 24th: I got to sport my new acquisition, the Zuni High School Track Team sweatshirt, to breakfast and a quick sent off where I was able to give last minute advise and sign a few T-Shirts, wallets, shoes, LL bean hats, and a cool Zuni flag.

More reasons to keep our  stories alive.
Be, Dream, Believe!