Friday, August 8, 2008


As I had promised, I have some pictures from "The Boilermaker" a 15km road race in Utica, New York. This was my third year coming to this race and the whole weekend was quite an experience. There are so many things that make this race very special such as the community, volunteers, friends and elite runners.

1) The Community

All the people in Utica come together on race day. If people are no racing that day, they are volunteering or you will see people cheering for you for the entire 9.3 miles. This year one of my goals was to take a picture from the stage, so that you could see the amount of people who stay after the race just for the award ceremony. Isn't this cool?

2) Volunteers

The day before the race I came across Joe Johnson and Tim Fitzgerald. It was nice to be able to chat and share some of my experiences with them. I hope they have a great XC and Track seasons. Big Thanks to all the volunteers that make sure we had plenty of water during the race. Greetings to Jena Comstock, Kali Fical, Mike Fitzgerald, Debbie Comstock and Kim Fical.

3) Friends

Elizabeth and Mariann. I met Elizabeth back in 2005 when I run at Peachtree and I met Mariann in 2006 during my first Boilermaker. It was wonderful to get to see them again.

Larry Rawson, the best Track and field and marathon analyst of the whole world. He is one of my most favorite commentator. Larry knows how to cheer one on. Thanks Larry!

Kathrine, the fist women to officially enter and run the Marathon. She is a great role model and an inspiration.

I could not leave the stage without taking a picture with the Governor of New York, Mr. David A. Paterson. Yes, after a few attempts, finally one of his body guards had some compassion and offer to take the picture. Still, I can not stop smiling! That was by far the challenge of the day.

After the race, I had a blast in company of international athletes Lidia Simon from Romania, Felix Limo from Kenia,and Nadia Ejjafini from Morocco.

Yes! This year, The Boilermaker was a blast. An event that will remain in my heart and will motivate me as I continue on this journey.

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tim fitz said...

Zoila thanks for the shout-out. I am glad that you enjoyed the Boilermaker so much, and I hope you come back to run again. Good luck to you in your running as well!!