Wednesday, January 21, 2009



When I am not training or racing I enjoy visiting family and friends. After a long and productive year of running, I took the time to go back to the town I was born and raised -Charcas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico-. During my visit I did several speaking engagements at the local schools.

Ms. Tayde's 6th grade class

My first stop was at the Justo Sierra elementary school. This is the school I went to when growing up. First, I walked around the school and took a look at some of the classrooms to see if any of my former teachers was still around. In the process, I decided to sit down and make good use of the flip video camara by recording a group of third graders playing during PE class.

After 15 minutes or so, I decided to ask the PE teacher if I could speak with the kids. The kids were amazed and most of them could not believe that I had gone to Justo Sierra elementary school. To prove that I was saying the truth I asked the PE teacher if any of my former professors were around. To my surprise, Teacher Tayde was still there teaching 6th grade. Then I proposed the 3rd graders to go and surprised Ms.Tayde.

During my second visit the students had to finish their previous assignment, before I answer some of their questions.

It felt so good to see Ms. Tayde again and Yes! She confirmed I used to go to Justo Sierra elementary school. That day I spend the rest of the afternoon visiting with 6th graders. Thank you very much to Ms. Tayde for letting me come back to spend more time with In The Arena's new group of kids.

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