Sunday, May 24, 2009


The 2009 spring mile fun run at Boyd Elementary was a great success. All participants- around 350 2nd and 3rd graders- completed the race. Many parents and relatives came over to cheer and In The Arena could not miss this great event. Take a look :)

How do you like my temporary tattoo? Thanks ITA!

We are so ready to go!

We might look small, but we are fast and love to compete.

We are almost there! Yes, we can do this!

At the award ceremonies.

Taking pictures in the classroom after the race.

Check our big muscles out.

We were some of the lucky ones to get an In The Arena T-Shirt. They are cool, Thanks!

Go In The Arena!

Zoila, Let me show you something- Can you take a picture?

A great day at Boyd Elementary School- Thanks Everyone!

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