Sunday, August 2, 2009


On June 14th, 2009 most of the USA marathon athletes and their coaches that will compete at the World Championships Marathon in Berlin this coming Agust 22nd and 23rd were invited for a two day Marathon summit at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The whole experience was incredible. We did not only learned from the best sports nutritionist Dr. Dan Benardot and exercise physiologis Dr, Dave Marin, but we had the chance to learn from ourselves and the other athletes that made it to the summit.

Dr.Dave Martin going over the World Championships Marathon Course. Dr. Martin made a total of three trips to Berlin to gather as much information as possible to share it with all of us :)

Coach Martin and I left Alamosa Sunday afternoon and on the way there I was able to learn more about his journey. How he ended up at Adams and what it has been like for him to make it this far. After I heard some of his personal stories I felt very fortunate and more than ever I am so proud and happy to have a Coach like him.

Meet the best Coach in the World, my Coach, Damon Martin :)

Also, I am so glad to be able to share this jourey with you and to all the people that have been very supportive. To all of you, THANK YOU! The following are some pictures from our two days trip at the Olympic Trainig Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.. Enjoy!

This is what being IN THE ARENA is all about!

For now on, I will keep this in mind and very close to my heart.

At the end of the day all of us went downtown to get some Ice Cream..

One of my most favorite quotes. This one I learned it from Coach my very first year at Adams. 8 years later I find it at the Olympic Training Center :)

Berlin is just around the corner!!!

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