Sunday, September 27, 2009


Full name: Berlin Olympiastadion
Former names: Deutsches Stadion
Location: Berlin, Germany
Built: 1934 to 1936
Opened: 1936
Renovated: 1974 (Reconfiguration)
2006 (World Cup)
Surface: Grass
Construction cost: 42 million RM (1936)
€242 million (2004)
Capacity: 74,228 ( Approx. 6 X the pupulation of my hometown, Alamosa, CO)

Being at the Olympic stadium watching and cheering on some of my teammates was very inspiring. It allowed me to be on the other side of the game and realized how fortnate I am. At that very moment all I could think was "Running is the best thing that could happen in my life. Living, breathing and dreaming running is all well worth it" Enjoy some pictures from the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Making my way to the Stadium..

¨Wow!! Can´t wait to get in!!!¨

A Berlin fan asked me if we could take a picture..

Watching the final of the women,s 10,000m

Yes, the crowds were amazing..

The VIP Area- I attempted to get in a couple of times an failed.. Then as I was leaving the stadium I found myself in the VIP room by pure accident :) Glad no one noticed, otherwise I would not be typing this now..

My new friend Hardy.. He was volunteer for the medical staff. We met at the Stadium..

Here is my other good friend, Pascal.. Also a volunteer who also was part of the medical staff. At the end of the games we all exchanged t-shirts and met at the party.

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Vic Boss said...

Hola Zoila Felicidades por tu ascendente carrera deportiva, deseo sinceramente que logres tus metas personales y profesionales...