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January 28th, 2010
Del Norte,CO

The High Valley Community Center in Del Norte, Colorado was founded in 2000.

The mission of the High Valley Community Center is to provide opportunities and activities that promote the healthy development of creative minds and active bodies among the citizens of the Del Norte and South Fork areas.

Director Adrienne Atencio and staff members have been making sure the mission is accomplished by implementing new programs such as: After School program, Adult Classes, FREE Computer Lab, FREE Performances, Teen Night, etc It was not a surprised that the High Valley Community center contacted me months in advance to ask if I was interested in coming down to Del Norte to speak with the kids about what is it like to be a marathoner.

The kids were very interested in learning all about the marathon. We talked about distance, time, race plans, hydration, competitions,etc. I was even invited to come back during the summer and run a 5km race with them :)

Check out a video abut The High Valley Community Center

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Emily said...

Hi Zolia,
It looks like you are doing some amazing things in Colorado! Congrats. I Look forward to meeting you sometime soon.