Sunday, June 6, 2010


After a few speaking engagements to 8th graders from Ortega Middle School at Adams State College. Ortega's Middle School counselor, Luis Murillo, contacted me to invite me speak with the rest of the students. Luis was able to set up a couple of presentations a day for a whole week.

Many time people ask me "Why do you run?" Motivating and being able to share my experiences with our youth is one big reason why I run. Running has taken me to places once I dreamed of visiting. Running has allowed me to stand in front of audiences and speak from my heart. Speaking in front of audiences was once a dream, being a reality is a true gift.

Thank you so much to Ortega Middle School students, faculty and staff for welcoming me and ITA. Many thanks to School Counselor Luis Murillo for such wonderful invitation. Congrats to all 2010 Ortega Middle School graduates. Don't ever forget that "DREAMS do come TRUE!"

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