Monday, October 25, 2010


After weeks of discussion and preparation, the "ITA After School Tutoring Program" in Alamosa has successfully started. On October 12th,2010, tutors and students gathered for the first time at the Tierra Nueva Apartment main office.
The last two weeks have been a great success. We (parents, students and tutors) are delighted for this opportunity. I have never seen so many kids show up with a smile on their face to do homework. The fact that they decide to stay for the whole hour and thirty minutes we open the center makes us,tutors, proud.
Its wonderful to see older kids take leadership and help out the younger ones. Yes, Im excited and very proud of this new project. It will not only impact our youth, but parents, teachers,a whole community and an ITA athlete that believes in them.

Thanks to In The Arena, San Luis Valley Immigrant Resource Center, Tierra Nueva Apartments, and volunteers for trusting and helping me make this project a reality.

Meet the new group of children and adults I will be working with for the rest of the school year.

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Luis said...

Que suave que dediques tu tiempo para apoyar el proceso educativo de nuestra juventud aqui en el valle. Sabes que te apoyamos y te apreciamos mucho. Si ocupas cualquier cosa comunicate con nosotros. Suerte. Luis y Enrique