Monday, November 22, 2010


This Cross Country season at Adams State has been no different. Athletes from different backgrounds and personalities still meet twice a day for a morning and afternoon practice. All of them with same goal in mind, to make the team that will represent the long green line at the national meet (There are only 7 spots on each team). Here at Adams athletes are encouraged to run as a team and for their team. Tradition and legacy is what the Adams State XC program is all about. Here you train to represent the people that ran before you; you train to leave a mark. You run not for you, but for something bigger than yourself.
I was fortunate enough to be part of this program as an athlete in 2001 and 2002. Eight years later and once again, I get to volunteer some of my ITA comunnity hours helping Coach Martin with this years men and women's team. Some of my duties range from pacing, giving out water, lots of driving, timing, encouraging, screaming my heart out at competition and learning from Coach and the Athletes.
It has been extremely inspiring to be around each and every single athlete in the program. Both the men and women teams work very hard day in and day out to reach their ultimate goals. Last weeked, both men and women won their regional championships and will now head to the Dec 4th NCAA Division II Cross Country Championships in Louisville, Kentucky to defend their titles. Im excited I get to help out and be there for both teams on race day and beyond. Go Grizzlies!!!

On a different note, the ITA after school tutoring program has been going very well. The program made it into the local newspaper a couple of weeks ago. When I showed the newspaper to the kids they could hardly believe their picture was in there. I could tell they were just as proud as their ITA tutor.

I cant help it, but Im in LOVE and very THANKFUL with and for my ITA community work.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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ken said...

just got your tweet. Great article about the cross country teams. you really captured what it is like to be part of that great program.