Sunday, August 12, 2012


It all starts with a DREAM. I am a dreamer. My dreams date back when I was a child. Therefore, I truly believe all of our kids deserve to dream and as adults, mentors, it is our resposability to inspire and help our youth get as close as possible to their dreams. When I was 7 or 8 one of my dreams was to run away from home, meet new places and travel all over the world. Then, there were no imposibles and day dreaming was my thing.
"Zoila!" "Becky!" We crossed paths again in London during Womens Marathon!! This World is quite small. The best surprise ever! 

 Back then the Olympics were not in my sight. Sports were out of the picture. My dream was to become a Jornalist. At age 16 my life changed significantly upon my arrival to the USA. Here I learned English and fell in love with Running. Then Olympics came into the picture. "I want to become an Olympian" 2008 I was the USA Olympic Alternate after taking 4th at the Marathon Olympic Trials. So close, yet so far from that dream. During these years, there was only one organization that took me in and believed in me, In The Arena. Together we have reached over 30 thousand kids. I have been able to share my story to thousands of people nation wide and in many ways I have grown not only as an athlete, but as a person. So much to be thankful for!!!
With Olympic Rowing GOLD Medalist,Caroline Lind, outside the Olympic Village 

 After a rough year and missing my chances to make an Olympic team, RWUS! come into my life. Giving back and teaching our kids the things I know has been very rewarding. This summer I had a blast!! and it is my hope that more athletes get involve.
RWUS! Summer Program with our Kids from Alamosa, Colorado 

 Being in London as an spectator is the best thing that could have happen to me. This experience has given me the opportunity to see and appreciate what I have accomplished as an athlete since I become a professional athlete (2005).
A great friend from Poland, Olympian Karolina Jarzynska and her Coach Zibi Nadolsky 

 I do have the most amazing friends and I have been surrounded by extraordinary people. I have been part of the best TEAM in the Wold 3 times (TEAM USA)in the past 3 World championships (Osaka 2007, Berlin 2009, Korea 2011. I have been all over the world, Yes, I have been living my childhood dream.
Im a Fan!!

I might not be a journalist, but there was no day in London that I did not chase someone to get a picture or wonder around in a city to find my way. Being a small part of London 2012 as an spectator and being next to the Olympic flame assured me that Im heading on the right direction and that my ultimate calling is reaching out to our youth. They are our present and our future. They need us as much as we need them.
A night at the Olympic Stadium, London 2012 

 More than ever the flame to inspire our youth is burning inside me! Proud of In The Arena and RWUS! & @usatffoundation. I am so looking forward to reach out to our USA Olympians to give a hand on this DREAM.

London 2012 does not end here. London 2012 will end once we reach Rio De Janeiro as an athlete, an spectator, or mentor. London 2012 is already In The Arena and will be Running With US! in this amazing journey. Thanks ITA~ RWUS! and London 2012 for such an amazing journey!!! BE, DREAM, BELIEVE!!

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