Sunday, January 29, 2012


Thank You and Congrats to my brother, Johnny, and my mom for making it happen!

This month/year has been full of surprises. Some have been good another ones not so good, yet the outcome will always the same "an adventure". An adventure that we are the ones that decide which path is going to take.

After I surprised them we went to get something to eat.

The night I arrived home from the trials, there was a situation in the family that was even more powerful than my personal disappointment from the trials. My mother was in a local hotel downtown El Paso Texas waiting for the day she was going to meet with a consul in Ciudad Juarez for her residence card. The following morning as soon as I woke up my first question was: What am I doing here? So, I grabbed a few outfits, got in the car and drove to El Paso to be with my mom and brother.
Next morning on our way to the American Consulate in Ciudad Juarez

If you are not familiar with the immigration process to get become a resident of the USA, let me tell you a few things.

1) Is a long process: Mom's case had been in process for two years already and still with the possibility of being rejected.

2) Its expensive: So far without a lawyer we had spend over 6 thousand dollars, not counting the trip to El Paso Texas for final interview in Ciudad Juarez. Just the medical exams two days before the interview at the US consulate in Ciudad Juarez were $450 dollars.

If approved this will be the first step in case my mom decides to become a US Citizen one day. If her residence is granted then she has to wait 5 years before she applies for citizenship.
Then, I wonder, how come our politicians or news reporters don't tell us that to become a US Citizen one needs to have the time and plenty of money to cover the cost of the process?

Being there allowed me to see success and failure from a different perspective. It was so surreal to see hundreds of people standing outside the US Consulate in Ciudad Juarez waiting for their relatives to come out of the building they were being interviewed, others walking from one building to another nicely dressed with thick folders on their hands. Once again, we were not alone.

In the nearby hotels, you will see people calling home to ask for a missing signature, a sponsor, money, a missing document, you name it. Two hours later I see my mom and my brother coming. Mom with an unusual smile on her face. That's when I knew, they had granted her the residence.

In order to process her residence, they took her passport and visa away. Mon has to wait 3 to 4 weeks before she receives her residence card (Green card). So, after we visited and had lunch we took mom to the bus station for her to to go back to Charcas (12 hour express bus ride). Mom suggested that instead of taking a taxi downtown it would be better for us to take the public bus to save some money (18 dollars). We did and yes! There were more lessons and surprises during the bus ride.

Two days later after the trials, there I was walking with my brother through downtown Ciudad Juarez letting my heart grow in a way I have never imagined. I realized that the most valuable lessons in life will always have a very special price. Surprise, surprise!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


The start of the 2012 Olympic Trials

Im back home and find myself physically and emotionally exhausted. I have a feeling the next two weeks will be weeks of growth and understanding. If you have been at some of my speaking engagements and have heard me talk about my philosophy on how is it that our hearts grow, then you will understand what I am talking about.

The biggest surprise of the weekend
was to see my sister Alicia show up
the day before the race to the hotel
with the rest of the family.

Yesterday, an hour before the trials and thirty minutes or so after the race was over, my heart could not wait and started the process. Yes, I found myself crying in front of my coach. I was crying, because It was my way to express how grateful and thankful I was to make it to another Olympic Trials. I was grateful to have another chance and I was determined to make the best of what the day had to offer. Then, three hours and a half later tears came out soon after I saw my sister. For once I understood the meaning of the sport and why I was there. Yesterday, I was able to appreciate what I have accomplished all this years.

With my fans (nephews) after the race!

Thirty nine hours later, I can tell you I gave my best, even if my best was not my personal best or my favorite place, that was my best yesterday and I am absolutely proud of it. I am proud of my journey here. I am proud of making it this far. I am motivated to get my body 100% and see what I can do when I take my engine to the mechanic for an adjustment and oil change.


For know, I will allow this heart of mine do its growing and then I will take it from there. Thanks to everyone who in one way or another gave me a hand to get to this point. To my porra (cheering fans and family) big, big thanks!

All in all, I am proud to be an IN THE ARENA athlete. I am proud of my 33rd place and my 2:38:37 finishing time, because its allowing me to go to a wonderful process: Feel my heart grow!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY 2012

Cant believe 2012 is already here. The Olympic trials are just two weeks away. I've been in Houston for a month now and the adventures and experiences are going to be ones to remember for years to come. I am excited to be part of the 2012 Olympic trials field. Im very happy to look back and once again confirm that is not about the destination, but the journey. A journey that I am very fortunate to have taken.

2011 was a year that allowed me to explore and try new things. I left Alamosa for several training camps at sea level at my own expense. The price paid was well worth it. My time in California did not only allowed me to grow as an athlete, but to learn more about myself, and in top of that I was able to share my passion and love for this sport with one of my oldest brothers (Jhonny) whom at the end was even able to pace some of my workouts. This decisions and changes were not easy, but for sure they made me appreciate all the people and network of support I have in Alamosa. In 2011 I clearly experience that saying: "You don't know what you have until is taken away".

Furthermore, 2011 allowed me to witness many positive transformations with all the kids and people I work with in the after school tutoring program. The highlights of the year were seeing our kids grades go up and seeing parents get involved in their children's activities during and after school.

How to forget when all the kids receive a bunch of goodies from PUMA and the endless phone calls from a girl from Grand Junction inviting me to come and run the Girls Run 5km on the run with her. What about when the day I get and email confirming I made the USA World Championship team and two weeks later I get an apology call saying "Sorry, you are not" Then, after having the worst race and finishing last at the USA Track and Field 10,000m race, I confirm I'm back on what would be my 3rd World Championship team. Yeah, like I said back then~Bittersweet experience.

Being part of the World Championship USA Team and represent the USA for the 3rd time was just a gift from God. A great, great experience!

Wow, so many sweet and not so sweet memories, but all of them had to happen for a reason and many months later I am grateful for them as I can clearly see the reasoning behind every single event or circumstance.

For 2012, Im excited to continue to grow and put into practice all I've learned from 2011. Quite honest, Im looking forward to a successful year.

Happy~ Happy and very successful 2012!!!