Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY 2012

Cant believe 2012 is already here. The Olympic trials are just two weeks away. I've been in Houston for a month now and the adventures and experiences are going to be ones to remember for years to come. I am excited to be part of the 2012 Olympic trials field. Im very happy to look back and once again confirm that is not about the destination, but the journey. A journey that I am very fortunate to have taken.

2011 was a year that allowed me to explore and try new things. I left Alamosa for several training camps at sea level at my own expense. The price paid was well worth it. My time in California did not only allowed me to grow as an athlete, but to learn more about myself, and in top of that I was able to share my passion and love for this sport with one of my oldest brothers (Jhonny) whom at the end was even able to pace some of my workouts. This decisions and changes were not easy, but for sure they made me appreciate all the people and network of support I have in Alamosa. In 2011 I clearly experience that saying: "You don't know what you have until is taken away".

Furthermore, 2011 allowed me to witness many positive transformations with all the kids and people I work with in the after school tutoring program. The highlights of the year were seeing our kids grades go up and seeing parents get involved in their children's activities during and after school.

How to forget when all the kids receive a bunch of goodies from PUMA and the endless phone calls from a girl from Grand Junction inviting me to come and run the Girls Run 5km on the run with her. What about when the day I get and email confirming I made the USA World Championship team and two weeks later I get an apology call saying "Sorry, you are not" Then, after having the worst race and finishing last at the USA Track and Field 10,000m race, I confirm I'm back on what would be my 3rd World Championship team. Yeah, like I said back then~Bittersweet experience.

Being part of the World Championship USA Team and represent the USA for the 3rd time was just a gift from God. A great, great experience!

Wow, so many sweet and not so sweet memories, but all of them had to happen for a reason and many months later I am grateful for them as I can clearly see the reasoning behind every single event or circumstance.

For 2012, Im excited to continue to grow and put into practice all I've learned from 2011. Quite honest, Im looking forward to a successful year.

Happy~ Happy and very successful 2012!!!


Tania said...
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Franfri said...

Zoila, a la larga te darás cuenta de que las decisiones que has ido tomando han sid acertadas. En caso de que no lo sean, siempre podrás ir optando por tomar otras decisiones diferentes en el futuro.

Me alegro por ti, por todo lo conseguido en el 2.011. Espero y deseo para ti lo mejor en el nuevo año, seguro que va a estar plagado de éxitos, tal y como tú esperas. Verás que sí. Alguien como tú se lo merece, y como luchas cada día por conseguirlo, los podrás abrazar, no lo dudes, cree, sueña.

Que te vaya muy bien en los trials, ojalá estés entre las elegidas.

Un beso y un abrazo enorme desde España.

Anonymous said...

Te sigo desde hace tiempo y aunque no escriba comentarios me gusta mucho este blog. Mis mejores deseos para este 2.012, hagamos que sea el mejor año.

Tania said...

I hope all your dreams come true in 2012.
Regards from Malaga, Spain.