Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where do I Stand?

Where do I Stand?

A few years ago while visiting my relatives in Mexico, my younger brother asked me.. What does it feel to come back to the place you were born? 

Does it hurt to know that you have to go back to the USA? 

Back then, my answer was an analytical one.  "I'm happy to be back, because I get to see you all  plus  it brings back a lot of memories. Not many people have this opportunity " 

Back then, I had huge goals. To make an Olympic team. I was healthy and all it matter to me was chasing that dream. I'm glad I did. I'm glad I did not Settle and I gave all I had in and  out of training to prepare to make a dream come true. That meant, being selfish and staying away from my family, the ones close and the ones not so close.

So far one of the many lessons learned is that life is not easy and one will never have everything at once. It's either one thing or the other. 

Like I said during a conference in my hometown in Mexico last month, God has paved the way for me. I never had the intentions of becoming a runner, but I did and it lead from one race to another.Then, after a few bumps on the road, running allowed me to meet amazing individuals who believed in me and supported me on my running career. I owe a lot to all my coaches and In the Arena.  Thanks to them I was able to accomplished many great things in running. 

Then, the biggest transition of all. How do you go about being a full time runner to having a full time job? My last race was a year ago, 2012 Olympic Trials. With a health condition on the way, after many years of competitive running it was time to take a break.  There were days this past year were the pain was so strong that there was no way I could even go for a recreational walk. 

I went back to México in July due to a family emergency. One of my nieces was on the verge of passing away due to a brain tumor. I was there with her and for her family during the most painful time of their lives, her departure. Seeing her in that bed fighting for her life gave me another perspective on life. 
It was time to take care of more meaningful business: my health and my family. 

Analy inspired me to go to London and enjoyed the Olympics, plan a trip back to Mexico during Christmas break and dedicate time to her family, my mother and my brothers and sisters whos home is Mexico. 

This past year, I unable to run consistently due to my health condition -Gastritis- 
I'm on treatment and hopeful that with proper care I will be able to control this massive unexpected stomach pains and gradually get back to running. 

As I write this, my inactivity left me not only with few extra pounds and very unfit but, a lot of motivation and excitement to confirm that exercising, a good nutrition and goal setting is the key to a much lighter healthier  life.  

I'm up to 50 minute regular runs. No hard workouts yet. 

My health is first and I will continue to make wise strides to get back into full training. It would be so sweet to compete again. Yet, I'm thankful for all I've received this past year.  

1) I was able to get closer to my family and my community in Mexico. 

2) I have been able to fully commit to my job as an assistant Coach at my alma mater, Adams State. 

3) Look back and appreciate every stride, workout, mile, race, victory and defeat. 

It felt just right to be back to my roots and it did hurt to know that I had to come back. Nobody ever wants to leave mom and relatives behind.  At the same time, I do feel extremely bless to know that I had the most amazing jobs and an unfinished goals waiting for me.

I'm exited to be able to put one foot in front of the other and at the same time continue to help not only our ITA kids from tutoring, but the new generation of runners from Adams State... 

Like the founder from In The Arena would say, 

Onwards and Upwards!!! 

PD: Pictures on my recent trip to Mexico coming up soon.. 

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