Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our Team Keeps Growing!

Restorative Program Aboard!
I had mentioned about working on bringing a new program aboard in the last section of my February entry. 

 It's official!  We have partnered up with Center for Restorative programs from Alamosa and we are thrilled to have them aboard. 

The center has agreed to provide a mediator to meet with our Kindergarden -2nd graders boys and implement a boys council program. They have been meeting every Monday after school. They are into their 3rd week and let me tell you. Both parties love it! 

Due to lack of personnel, our girls have to wait until a mediator is available to implement a Girls Circle program. Currently, both ITA and Restorative Center are working together and looking forward to add it as soon as a certified personnel is available 

Another win/win situation for all parties involved as all services are free of charge. 

What is the Boys Council? 

Each week, a group of six to ten boys of similar age and development meet with a facilitators for an hour. 

During this time the students take turns talking and listening to one another about their concerns and interests.  They can express themselves further through creative or focused activities such as games, role playing, drama, journaling, poetry, drawing, collage, clay, computer, and so on.  

Through listening and respect for themselves and others, the kids can reflect on and express their own thoughts and feelings with peers.  

The Boys' Council does not aim to provide advice, but encourages them to share experiences that are helpful to one another.

The mail goal is to strengthen their confidence and encourages them to express themselves. 

On a different note.. 
For the second time polish olympian, Karolina Jarzynska who trains in Alamosa, stopped by the tutoring program to visit with our kids. She shared with our boys and girls about her experience in London, nutrition,  how to prepared for race day, and the importance to be active. Kids asked tons of questions and got to have  an autograph picture.  Kids are so looking forward to put into practice each advise next month during the annual Hersey Track Meet (May 1st) and The Mile Fun Run (May 12). 
Exciting times for our  ITA kids in Alamosa! 

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