Sunday, October 6, 2013


FIREBALL RUN Adventurally Series at Universal Studios Florida is a part live event, part streaming show, and part episodic online TV series. With just 40 teams selected annually the FIREBALL RUN is an 8 day, 14 destination life-altering experience.  FIREBALL RUN is a life-sized trivial pursuit game; to score teams solve clues and accomplish tasks. Each team searchs for a missing child.

 This was an event I could not miss as all of the kids from Alamosa Elementary school were expected to participate and I had already being invited by many of them.

Despite the rain and hail, the Fireball Run racers arrived in Alamosa on Sunday night, September 22nd, and sped away Monday morning, September 23rd. Alamosa was the second stop on the eight-day , 2,000-mile event filmed for the Fireball Run TV series, Season 7, All Stars and Movie Cars. The special guest announcer for the Alamosa stop was three-time Indianapolis 500 winner and racing legend, Bobby Unser.

This was a great opportunity to address this sad issue with our children. In the coming days at tutoring, we talked about a few cases of kids missing and some of the things we can do to prevent kidnapping

 Click Here  to see more pictures from the event!

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