Sunday, February 9, 2014

ITA in Sochi 2014

In the midst of the Winter Olympic spirit, there are so many things that go through my mind. The first one and most important one. What do we strive for? Who inspires us? and Who or what inspire  the Olympians that are in Soshi today? Every single athlete out there has a story to share and someone or something that motivated them to make it to the very top.  

Its very inspiring and motivating to see two  In The Arena athletes being named to represent team USA in Sochi this year: Torin Koos and Brian Gregg.  Their stories are amazing. I encourage you to read their personal blogs and learn more about them, before they hit the biggest athletic arena there is to be, the Olympic One. 

Click Here to know How Torin Koos  and Brian Gregg  made it to Sochi. 

Great read Here on Brian. His goals, dreams and network of support. 

Click Here to visit Torin Koos personal blog. 

Click Here to visit Brian Gregg personal blog.

So proud, so excited, motivated, inspired!

Be inspired and follow their paths.. Lets dig in and fight for what we really want. Lets make those around us proud. Let obstacles and defeats be our motivation to strive for excellence in and out of the Arena.  Speedy races to both Torin and Brian!!!

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