Monday, March 24, 2014


If there is anything I am passionate about is interacting with kids. I admire and love their innocence and pure honesty. I love establishing a conversation knowing that no matter where it ends, It will leave a positive message for both parties involved.

This love and passion is much sweeter when I get to spend time with my younger relatives. Last year, I met Diego, then 3 years old. One of my older sister's grand children. Diego and his parents live with my sister in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Last year, when I went to Mexico, I spend a few days at their house. Diego was the most charismatic kids I have ever encountered. His conversations where pure and meaningful. I recall one night when It was time to go to bed, he called me to his room and said: " Its time to pray" He held my hand and stared praying to an image of Jesus Christ whom he called "God" The event was in every shape and form, beautiful. It lighted up that spiritual feeling in me. During my short stay, we played, went to the closest park. We had some bonding time.

On February 6th, I received a phone call from my younger sister, Alicia. I could not answer. Then I get a text saying: "Please call is urgent" When I finally reach out to her, she tells me that our family back in Mexico was going to need all of our support, both financial and moral. Diego had been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. Giving the circumstances and the family history, a year an half ago we lost a niece due to a brain tumor, Diego's unexpected diagnosed was not the best news. 

I was deeply touched. All the sudden my "worries" where not worries anymore. I continued with my daily routine and obligations to the best of my ability, yet how can you carry on such heavy news. How can you console your brothers and sisters? What do you say? What do you do? 

There is no much to be said, but to act. Millions of ideas crossed my mind. I pictured myself fundraising for the cost. Now, with all the social media, I figured I could ask the  community to help us. Before any of that, we had to wait on further diagnosis. 

The following days and weeks, where all about following up on Diego's progress. More test, diagnosis, etc. In a matter of weeks and with the help of many people. Diego was ready to get surgery by one the best neurologist in Monterrey a City 5 hours north of San Luis. The day of the surgery, I finally grabbed my phone and called a great friend of mine, Steve. The news were so heavy that I had to share with someone else besides my family. The very first thing Steve told me was. "I will pray for him" 

Then, I recalled that special night I had with Diego almost a year ago. That spiritual switch had to be on. I had to trust and believe on whatever God was doing. Not an easy task.

Diego came out of surgery okay. Two days later he was eating, talking, smiling. 
6 days later, he was sent home. 

Relatives in Monterrey from my mother's side hosted Diego for a couple of days after surgery.

Now, he is back home in San Luis at his grandma's house and he is getting therapy to get mobility back on his right arm and right leg. 

The news as today are: He is making rapid progress.

Thank God, no plan B was necessary. No fundraisers, Diego's father work insurance paid for the medical cost. 

Then I wonder, What are the things that really matter? What can one learned from such event? 

Hugging and telling your kids how much you love them must be a priority.
Being financially prepared is crucial. Start saving for unexpected events.
Be grateful for your health. Enjoy the beauty of being able to move your leg or your arm..

At such young age, Diego ran a race. The race of life and he won. 

Diego has motivated me to keep in the race.  I  look forward to make our youth proud. 

Diego's story has shown me that there are much greater things in life that truly matter.

Do not forget to turn on that spiritual switch in you. Miracles Do Happen!!

Diego and younger sister, having some brother and sister time.

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