Monday, September 8, 2014

Light at the end of the tunnel

 Have you heard this phrase before? " There is light at the end of the tunnel"  As I type this I find myself in Newport Beach on my last day of  Sea Level training and reconnection with Family, Close friends, and racing. 

Yesterday, Saturday September 6th I joined a local race in Los Angeles to test my fitness. I was very pleased with the results as the conditions were by far the ideal ones. Heat and and Humidity don't along with racing, therefore I was very pleased with my 3rd overall finished in 37:22 A good step towards the right direction. On Saturday, I realized how much I missed training and competing. I truly enjoyed the experience and I'm excited for the future. My goal is to be part of the 2016 Olympic Trials which will be held in LosAngeles. It wont be easy, but It will be so sweet to run in front of my family (3brothers and 2 sisters) and have my nephews and nieces actually seeing me in action and cheer. 

I'm very inspired and motivated for this new opportunity. I have many reasons to follow my heart not my mind. As every single one of my nephews inspire me to become better. 
I'm extremely bless to have the love and support of many specially, Coach Fier who until this day continues to support me in any way he can. 
Last week, I did a time trial along the Santa Ana River late at night. Coach Fier came to the rescue and save both the workout and the day. He came  along in his bike to push me.  Right before we were about to head back to the car we passed through a long, dark tunnel and at the end the was a bright moon lighting the way. I'm bless and grateful for family, mentors and friends! 

Exited to share this journey with all of you!

Be, Dream, Believe!  

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