Sunday, October 19, 2014

Harvest Activities

 We've been very fortunate to have come in contact with Amy from a local church in town called Living Water Fellowship. Amy and her crew came over the summer to spend a nice afternoon with the kids with a lot of fun activities like: Face Painting, Water Balloons, Ice Cream, Bubbles and a lot of social time for the kids. The purpose of the activity back then was to bring some fun to the neighborhood and it did. We all enjoyed a beautiful afternoon.
Some serious business here with Amy
Learning how to play new games.
This past Saturday we met again. This time around the theme was Harvest Fun Activities. Many members of the church donated costumes to be delivered within the community. The goal was aid parents with a Halloween costume for their kids while making a kid happy. It was a great afternoon as Amy got to share a nice story with the kids followed with some refreshments and the hunt for a costume. Many of our kids did find a costume that they liked and stayed to play some games with some volunteers from Living Water.


"I am Ready" Alexis

An all around win/ win situation. I'm glad we continue to connect more families and kids within the community. To Amy and all the members at Living Water Fellowship, those that donated a costume or their time to plan this out, Thank You! Know that somewhere in

Our rabbit (Jessica) saved the day and passed on the dress to Alicia, Catie was happy with her lovely Cat Costume.

Alamosa during this time of the year some of  this kids will be proud and happy to wear their
costumes. I know that your compassion will go a long way. You have planted a significant seed in the heart and memories. I'm convinced the seed of compassion will blossom and continue to spread. A gesture that has and will impact their lives in a positive way for many years to come.

Board Games a Success!

Can we play another game?
For our Butterfly Picture Click HERE 
 Maya was walking by. We asked her mother if Maya needed a Costume.. The answer was Yes and we ended finding this beautiful Butterfly costume.

Looks like a perfect summer weekend in Alamosa with @zoilagomezita and the ITA kiddos! ☀️

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