Sunday, June 14, 2015

Past Due Backpacking Experience

After an adventurous 12 day vacation in the colorful country of Poland I can't believe it came to an end. It was so quick and so wonderful that I can't distinguish between a dream or reality. Each day had something beautiful to offer. There was no day I was not excited about what I was about to see, learn or encounter. I trully enjoyed packing my L.L Bean backpack each morning.

What a blessing to have had spent the past two weeks in a country that was reconstructed after World War II. I was amazed by how much Polish citizens  accomplished and developed.

If you click on each City below, you will be able to experience this journey with me through pictures. 

While in Poland I was able visit Poznan, Sopot, Gdynia, Gdansk, Warsaw, Krakow and Rzseszow.
Each city and area were equally interesting with a lot of places to visit. I would have not been able to fully learn and see it all if it was not for all my old and new friends I got to meet along the journey, so THANK YOU!

During this trip, I had my share of adventures. One of them being a cultural misunderstanding that almost costed me  a ticket, an encounter with the police, and possibly court, which meant me staying in Poland for at least two months. All of it thanks to NOT punching my bus ticket while heading to  old town in  Warsaw. So please once you get on the bus "Punch Your Ticket"

Spending a day with a Polish family was very touching. The way they live and help each other was extremely inspiring. The language was never a barrier. The food was delicious. Food in Poland will never be an issue. Its people, welcoming, warming, caring and loving. Its history: Rich!

Being able to catch up with an athlete that came to train to Alamosa 10 years ago was great. The feeling of reconnecting  again is amazing. Highly recommended!

Last but not least, spending quality time with long time friends, Zibi and Karolina,  who's second home for training is Alamosa was well worth it.  A past due trip I am glad I was able to do. The traveling arena is one everyone should step on once in a while.

I will be sharing more pictures in the following days. Make sure you came back to check the link.  For the meantime.. Enjoy!
Be, Dream, Believe! 

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