Sunday, September 6, 2015

2015 Run With ITA: A Wrap Up!

The Run With ITA program  became more than just a program.. Its the root of long lasting positive relationships for all of those involved. Each day we met, it left us with a positive story or a life changing event. After each session, I would always go home with a huge smile on my face.

This year we had more guest than ever. Our kids loved that. Then enjoyed getting to know them. The part than I was most proud about was that we all enjoyed our program. At the end the program was ours. Every kids contributed  with new ideas and ways to keep it interesting and alive. Pictures, manicures, bike rides, new loops, etc.  Many of the mothers got more involved and even participated with us in some of the running events. It was so much fun and very touching to see them play tag with their own kids. To hear a kid say something like "Did you see that, my mom is fast" both the action and the fact are priceless.

At times one can easily think kids are hard to deal with or they dont listen. Well, our ITA kids have proved that to be wrong. Once you give a kid respect and attention, they will have apositive response by making it easier for you to deal with tem and listen to you. After our nutrition classes from last years program, I could tell the kids were more open to try new snacks = zero complains. One time, I had this crazy idea in y mind that bananas for snack was going to be a complete failure. I was prepared to go back home with lots of bananas. To my surprise, bananas were a hit. Kids loved them. Then, I it all made sence. After a nice afternoon of excersice, its very hard to deny a healthy snack. A fact:  Kids can teach and they teach you well.

I could go on and on about the Run With ITA summer program.. Instead, be the judge, click HERE and let us know what you think and what is it that you see. Hope it inspires you to make a movement and do something similar and create a Run with your family or your community program where ever you might be.

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