Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rock and Roll Arizona

After The Jacksonville Half Marathon in Florida where I fell short of making the mark to qualify for the Marathon Olympic Trials (Video Here) and convinced that was my last attempt, I was in shock when I got the news from the Rock n Roll Series that I had won a free ticket and hotel to the Arizona Rock n Roll thanks to the Grand Prix Series program in which I was leading my age group. I knew my chances were not great as the course looked harder, this would be my third half in a row and it was going to be around my monthly visit. The odds were against me, but I had my kids decide. The following my recap in pictures.

My type of #powerball win "As the current leader of your age group or wild card holder, you are formally invited to compete at the RNR Arizona Half Marathon taking place on Sunday, January 17th.You will be provided with airfare and a shared hotel room for 2 nights" #rocknrollarizona #rnrArizona #GrandPrix After an unanimous decision from our @inthearena_team mentees from the after school program the invitacion was accepted and I will be lining up at the starting line of the #rnrarizona tomorrow to chase that Olympic Qualifier one more time.. with @inthearena_team and @llbean A esto le llamo ganar la loteria aka #powerball .. "Como líder de tu categoría por edad estas formalmente invitada a competir en el medio maraton Rock n Roll Arizona el 17 de Enero. Se te dará boleto de avión y hotel compartido por dos noches" Series #RocknRoll #GrandPrix Después de una decisión unánime por parte de mis niños del programa de tutoria de @inthearena_team la invitación fue aceptada y mañana estaré formada en la línea de salida del RocknRoll #Arizona persiguiendo la marca para participar en lo que sería mi tercer Selectivo Olímpico con @inthearena_team y @llbean

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I managed to run 1:16:30 and a top 10 in a great field. There was no rib pain involved, but I could feel the fatigue in my legs. After 10km I still had hopes my legs would bounce back and would allow me to negative split. I kept thinking of my kids back home. It was hard to swallow the fact that I was not going to be at the trials. Yet, on my way home I got time to reflect on the journey and what lies ahead. When I posted the picture below on my Instagram account (zoilagomezita) I was thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. and I realized my dream is not over, it just got postponed. Im thankful to be back in the athletic arena. Thankful to be motivated and the fact that thanks to In The Arena many dreams are alive.

"I have a dream.." "Tengo un sueño.." Martin Luther King Jr.

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Before I left to Arizona, Araceli one of our kids from the after school program said.. "If you make the time, we will make you a party and if you dont make it.. I will throw a party too" The following Sunday we had a nice reunion/party at my place...
#TheWayLifeShouldBe Be,Dream,Believe!!

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