Sunday, April 3, 2016


I could not agree more to this quote.. I am very happy with where I am now and where I am heading. I am happy to step on the line at an USA National Championship event. I am happy to have people that believe in my calling. One of those people is Richard Fannin the Race Director at the Gate River 15km Run also the host race for the 15km national championships. Entering in a race as an elite is not easy, therefore I thank Richard for this opportunity. An opportunity that allows me to do many things I love to in matter of days. One of those is traveling. I find joy finding my way through airports. At times, I stared at people and wonder what their life is like. Here and there, the person that I get to sit next to during the plane ride becomes a friend. I love taking random pictures and videos. Here one of them from this trip..

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The day before the race it was nice to wake up to the following quote.

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This quote reminded of my main mission, my calling.
I enjoyed every minute of our visit to the Sanctuary on 8th Street. I was proud to know Richard Fannin does this every year. It made me very happy to see many elite athletes get involved. Its also in my travels where I pick up on ideas. Its here where I might seem lost or distracted, but in reality Im daydreaming of future possibilities and ways we could make our In The Arena programs better. Next would be my dream van with the ITA logo on the side venturing in Alamosa with our kids or driving from Alamosa from one airport to another taking or picking up current and hopeful Olympians for an altitude training camp in Alamosa.
For races, it makes me so happy and proud to sport my LLBean and ITA Singlet through the streets of Jacksonville and I enjoy spreading the word about the best nutritional supplement I have ever tried Untapped maple syrup..
All in all, running continues to give me more than I could ever imagined!
Be, Dream, Believe! Se, Sueña y Cree!

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