Thursday, May 1, 2008


After some rest and catching up with family and friends, I have also been catching up with my kids at Boyd elementary school. Last week, I came by to share my experience with 22 wonderful second graders. They interviewed me and got to see some pictures from the race.

The kids were all excited to see some pictures. Most of them laughed and were quite surprised about our running uniforms and our painful faces as we were on the last stages of the race.

The folowing is a video of the kids singing in front of family and friends at the spring festival.

Today, they will have a field trip to the wild life refugee and on Friday is the spring mile fun run. Also,tomorrow afternoon I will drive to "Del Norte" a town 45 miles west of Alamosa for a speaking engagement at the local high school to the track team. I will keep you posted with some videos from the events.

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