Thursday, April 24, 2008


I am still trying to figure out all that has happened in the past 4 days. One thing I know for sure is that this was by far the best marathon I have executed until now. I am glad it happened to be on Sunday at the Olympic Trials. Going into this race I had a very important goal to achieve and that was to run for something better than myself (Coach, sponsors, family, and friends) I am very proud to say: "Mission accomplished". There is nothing more rewarding than to be able see all of them come together and enjoy this wonderful moment of my life with me. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share the best in me with the people I love, respect, and care so much about. Thank you so much to all my fans that follow my steps and keep me in their thoughts and prayers. Congratulations to Deena, Magda and Blake for a wonderful race and the very best in the Olympics. We will be cheering for you. God Bless Us All!

That day, God blessed me with a 4th place finish and a Personal Best of 2:33:53


Aun estoy tratando de comprender todo lo que ha pasado por los últimos 4 días. De lo que si estoy muy segura es de que este fue sin duda alguna el mejor maratón hasta en momento. Estoy muy contenta que fue en el selectivo Olímpico. Para esta carrera tenia una meta muy importante por cumplir y esa meta era el correr por algo mucho mejor que mi misma (Mi entrenador, mi familia, mis patrocinadores, amigos y gente que me vio crecer) Estoy orgullosa de poder decir: “Misión Cumplida”. No hay premio mas grande que el poder verlos a todos unidos en pensamiento y disfrutando de este gran momento de mi vida conmigo. Estoy agradecida de tener la oportunidad de compartir lo mejor de mí con la gente que amo, respeto y quiero mucho. Gracias a todos mis fans que siguen mis pasos y me mantienen en sus pensamientos y oraciones. Felicidades a Deena, Magdalena and Blake por tan maravillosa carrera y lo mejor en las Olimpiadas. Estaremos hechandoles porras. ¡Dios nos Bendiga a Todos!

Dios me bendijo con un 4th lugar y una mejor marca personal de 2:33:53


Jose Pena said...

Wow! What a great run. My name is Jose Pena and I live in Escondido, California which is about 20min northeast of San Diego, Ca. I was in Boston for the Boston Marathon so I had an opportunity to see the olympic trials. It was an awesome experience. I was totally cheering. You almost did it. Wow. I am very proud of you.

Jose Pena

caloyb said...

congratulations on setting that new marathon PR and finishing 4th in the olympic trials. i another four years i bet you will easily make the team. mi nombre es carlos bautista. soy de filipinas.

Kate Whitcomb said...

Way to go Zoila! It is crazy how emotional I get see the footage of your finish. I revisit my dreams and efforts as I watch yours unfold.

Congratulations on your PR and your positive outlook. It was a good day with more to follow!

Keep livin' the dream!
`Kate, ITA