Friday, October 3, 2008


The Flip Video camera really comes in handy!

Its 6:00a.m and I text coach Martin to see when I can come to practice. Within a minute or so I get a text back that reads:

"Janet will be done around 7:00a.m you can come then. Today's workout is: 65min and 5 times 100meters"

I get to the office by 7:15a.m, I stretch and turn on the radio. I am on the "ALTER G" (Anti-gravity treadmill) by 7:45a.m. I am in the office by myself and I listen to the Spanish radio station while I am running. Listening to the local radio station reminds me a lot of my mother, since most of the music being played is "Nortena" my mother's favorite.

Five minutes into my run Coach Martin comes into the office. Then, 10 minutes later 2representatives from USADA (The United States Anti-Doping Agency) show up asking for me. Coach Martin greets them and lets them know I am a quarter or so into my morning practice. Both representatives wait in the office until I finish so that I can fill out some paperwork and provide them with a urine sample. It only takes 30 minutes to complete the process.

This shows USADA is doing their job by testing athletes out of competition. I am honor to be one of the athletes that gets to be tested, because just like Coach mentioned to the representatives this morning "Zoila is all about running 120-140 miles a week"

God Bless! Zoila

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jeffowsley said...

First off, I hope you have a wonderful race at the Chicago Marathon! I saw Coach Martin at an Adams State fundraiser recently and he said you've gotten better since the Trials - here's to a new PR!

I am interested to how the anti-gravity treadmill benefits you?