Sunday, November 9, 2008


Photo by: Coach Georjean Perez

The 2008 Adams State High Altitude Cross Country Camp was a great success.
High School runners from all over the country pose in this picture after a mountain run "Rock Creek" that started at 9,000ft and finished at 11,100ft. GREAT JOB!

During this time of the year there are thousands of student athletes in the United States getting ready for the most important race of their season. Some will be competing at the State Championship while others are aiming for an individual or team national title in the United States. To all of you that I have had the opportunity to come across, I congratulate you for making it this far.

There is nothing more satisfactory in Cross Country than running not for you, but for your school, your teammates, coaches, and all of those that have fully supported you in such an amazing journey.For many this journey started during the summer. I cannot imagine the amount of miles or hours of training all this athletes commit to. Yet, they do it with a goal in mind. To make the varsity team, make it to state championship, improve their times, be part of a team, make someone proud, or they simply do it because, they love the sport.

This summer I had the opportunity to speak in front of approximately 250 amazing Cross Country High School athletes from all over the nation. I hope all of them are having successful seasons or have been able to cope with any injuries or setbacks. To me all of these athletes are already making a difference in their early lives and the lives of those that surrounds them. The best to all of you!

Click here for fun, inspiring videos from this camp.

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