Sunday, February 27, 2011


That's the end of a featured video I shared with 8th graders during a speaking engagement for OMS College Days program at Adams State College.

All started with a DREAM. I always dreamed to earn a college degree. I did not know how, where, and when this was going to happen. Little I knew that I was going to become a runner, go to a junior college, then earn a full ride scholarship to Adams State College.

My dream of earning a degree kept me awake and aware of all opportunities. That awarness and willingness to persue my dream opened one door after another.

I have traveled to places I've never dreamed of. I have met so many wonderful people along the way. Most importantly I have reached my dream- Im a college graduate.

My question to all 8th graders from OMS during our visit this week was: "Are you ready to start dreaming, take on the world, and make your dreams come true?"

I encourage you to START DREAMING NOW, to keep your DREAMS alive.
Im convinced that LIFE is all about DREAMS and YES! Sharing my experience and part of journey with all of you is just another dream that has came true.

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