Sunday, February 13, 2011

ITA at 2011 All Comer's Indoor Meet

This was a great day for me with my kids from tutoring program. Just like many of them described it: "We had Fun" "We ran as a team" "One of the best times of my life".

I have to thank Peter de la Cerda for inviting In The Arena to help put this event together. To all my kids that got up early on a Saturday to come and participate. Also many Thanks to Mizuno for the mizuno t-shirts and to Power Bar for the power bars.

Some of the facts that makes this event very special for me and mykids from the ITA tutoring program are:
99% of them had never been in an Indoor Track meet before.
99% never been part of a Team.
95% never competed in a sport event.
100% never heard of the Long or High Jump event.

This is an event I am very proud of. Hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed the time we all spend together.


"My favorite part was when we worked as a team (the relays), because we worked together and we all worked hard. Maybe my team did not win, but we had fun running. The best thing of that was that everyone got to do excersise while having fun" Diana Gonzales

"At the indoor track meet my favotite part was when I jumped 11 feet long on the long jump. I liked it because, I never knew I could jump that far. I wish that in the future I could jump further. All my thanks are to Zoila for inspiring me to do sports when I was little"
Brayan Flores



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