Sunday, May 8, 2011


Early in the week, Norma, one of our volunteers at the Tutoring program had a surprise for us. She had come up with a great project for the kids and even donated all the material necessary for it. The proyect was to have the kids show how much they love and apprecite their mothers by helping them make a special artificial flower arrangements for their moms.

It was wonderful to see Norma, Phil, and the kids work together as a big family. Everyone was very happy and excited about the project. Interesting to see how the group has become so close. All of them shared their flowers and help with ideas. It touched my heart to witness how each and everyone of them really had something special to say about their mothers. For a moment, they forgot about the world and insted they put their heart and soul into their own special arrangements.

Definitely, this was a great way to socialize and work on their creativity.
My role for the day was the one of a photographer. I trully enjoy taking pictures and making videos. Makes me proud to share and celebrate our moms with all of our supporters that make this program happen.

Lets keep celebrating our Moms!

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