Sunday, May 29, 2011


ITA Tutoring Program Crew

On May 11th two days after I arrived to Alamosa from my 6 week sea level training I was already back into the swing of things with my kids from tutoring program. That week we had an important event to attend, The Hershey track meet hosted by the Alamosa Recreational Center and Adams State College.

Bringing in more friends!

The day before the meet I was able to get 5 more of my students to participate.I was very happy when their parents gave me the green light to take them. As I have done in the past, we all met in front of the main office of our apartment complex and loaded up in my 1998 Windstar Van. One of the extra exciting things we all got to do besides racing was giving away a lot of goodies from PUMA. We gave away around 120 Usain bold inflated arms, 100 shoe key chains, and 200 water bottles.

Social Time! No texting or technology allowed..

The Hershey meet was a complete success as around 500 kids from all over the San Luis Valley got to participate. The main goal was to give kids the opportunity to get involve in the sport of track and field. The mission was accomplished as everyone seemed to really have a good time.

Laiza getting ready for the 200m Dash

Im so proud to announce that, Brayan Flores, one of our kids from the In Arena Program advance to state in the 100m and 200m. Laiza won her heat and was very close to making it to State. The rest of the group fared well giving the fact that this was their first outdoor experience ever.

Abelito and Brayan heading to the start of the 100m Dash

As in previous field trips or outside events, after the meet I took the kids to grab something to eat and we headed to the park for an after "party" to celebrate the opportunity of being part of something GREAT, In The Arena.

Our Dream Ride!

More pictures from the meet so that you can live with us the GREAT adventure!

2011 Hershey Meet

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