Sunday, October 16, 2011


Thank you Alamosa Parks and Recreation for making this events happen!

I have always encouraged my kids to ask. Ask for a favor, advise, a hug, food, or simply ask out of curiosity.

Kids from ITA tutoring protogram 10 and under ready to get the fun started.

I guess that has been something I have never been hesitant to do as I've learn to ask at a very early age. I clearly remember when I was 6 yars old when one morning I had to stay with one of my neighbors and I asked if she could prepare some homemade red chilakiles. Make story short, the wonderful lady did. She prepared them from scratch. sUntil this day, those are the best red chilakiles and lesson of caring I have ever had.

A windy and cold afternoon did not stop them from showing up to race

This past week, I had plenty of events to attend. Two of them were the High Altitude challenge races for kids sponsored by the Alamosa recreational center. An event, that has become a tradition for all kids from tutoring program. To my luck my vehicle was at the mechanic and the van I used in the past to transport my kids to this events broke down several months ago. For the first race, Mayra one of the neighbors came to my rescue. She let me borrow her van and helped me bring some kids on her other vehicle.

Magi and Tayler partner up for second race.

For the second race, I decided to simply look into my contact list and call people to see who could help. Then surprise, surprise! My Coach, Damon Martin, came to the rescue and agreed to partner up with ITA. Coach Martin provided me with a 15 seat passenger van to bring the kids to the last two races of the series.

Amazing how one thing led to another, at the race a mother of 2 year old, Tyler Dokon, asked me if one of my kids could pace her son. Here is when Magi one of my girls from the program volunteered to pace the little kid. Magi was one of the girls that initially needed a ride to the race.

Magi and Tayler

For the third and last race, without anyone asking, voluntarily Magi joined Tyler 400m into the race to pace him. After the race, the little kid gave Magi a handmade Thank You note and an invitation for her and all ITA kids to a Halloween party on the 28th.I guess that is what I would call socializing, making friends, meeting people, being a community, helping others, you name it.

Tayler crosing the mile finish line in personal best of 14:13.42

Tayler's dad happens to be a professor at Adams State and told me he would love to help me get some students to come and help with tutoring. If that works out.. What a bonus!

Its amazing how the power of asking works. One thing led to another one. The personal memories and experiences we all take from the high altitude challenge will be ones to remember.

To all the kids that participated and all people involved THANK YOU!


Results from High Altitude Challenge Races can be found here:


Penelope Bullock said...

"Knock and ye shall receive." An underrated and powerful virtue. Great post!

Zoila Gomez said...

Well said my friend, well said :) I agree!

Franfri said...

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo. A mí siempre me ha costado mucho preguntar o pedir algo, pero estoy aprendiendo a hacerlo. Para muestra, mi petición que te hice y tu entrevista. Una gran amistad que espero dure eternamente.