Sunday, October 2, 2011


Im a very proud Athlete, Tutor, and Mentor for In the Arena. An ordinary day for me would be an AM Workout followed with breakfast, errands, nap, lunch, 2nd workout, weights, tutoring, dinner, then free time to mentor.

The nicest thing about working for In the Arena is that I get to develop and design my programs and own working schedule. My job is so rewarding and motivating that there are days when without thinking about it I have already spend 5 to 6 hours of tutoring and mentoring.

Just last week one of my girls from the tutoring program came by my apartment and asked me if I happen to have an action picture of her. She needed a copy for an assignment they were working on her 6th period class. So I had her come in and help me find some pictures of her on my computer. After a couple of hours of laughing and sharing stories about all the pictures we found she finally chose one. I did not have a printer at home and it was already 9:00p.m for us to go to the store and print a copy. So, I told her I would make sure she would have a copy of that picture before her 6th period class. That night I went to bed with a mission. Next day after my A.M. workout and breakfast, I trully enjoyed seeing my girl, Karen Aguilar, smiling and feeling supported when I came to her school with a copy of the action picture she needed. That morning, I felt accomplished as I knew I was doing exactly what IN THE ARENA strives for. Then, once again I realized I was at "work", I was "In the Arena"

That day the fun and excitement did not end there. After my second workout, I had plan to take my kids from the tutoring program to a local XC race. The support I had from kids and parents was overwhelming. Parents came along to help me monitor and cheer on the kids and the kids response to the opportunity was amazing as all of them raced their hearts out.

After the race, we hustle back to the apartments to take advantage of the last 30 minutes of tutoring. Fortunately, we were able to stay in the office longer. So, my kids did not only had the opportunity to experience a cross country race for the first or second time, but they were able to finish their homework for next day.

So if you were to ask me what is it that I do for a job besides being and athlete? My answer would be: "On my free time I trully ENJOY and LOVE tutoring and mentoring kids"


Franfri said...

Me encanta tu trabajo, me encanta darme cuenta de cómo disfrutas con tus niños, con sus historias, con cada nuevo día.

Tú eres muy afortunada de tener la suerte de trabajar con ellos, pero ellos también son afortunados de poder disfrutar cada día con tus enseñanzas, tus experiencias.

Me alegro enormemente por ti y por ellos.

Un abrazo

Zoila Gomez said...

Definitivamente todos somos muy afortunados. Un circulo de apoyo, motivacion y optimismo increible. Una gran fortuna poder compartirlo por medio de este medio y asi hacer el circulo aun mas grande.. Gracias por tu apoyo y carino incondicional para el programa,para mi y todos mis pequeños. Un abrazo!

Franfri said...

Otro abrazo enorme para ti.

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