Sunday, December 18, 2011


What: USA Men and Women Olympic Trials
Where: Downtown, Houston Texas
When: January 14th, 2012 8:00a.m.
Distance: 26.2 miles
Top 3 men and women will qualify to represent the United States at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London in the Marathon.

I am currently in the city where the Olympic Trials will take place. Yes, I am in Houston, Texas. Winters in Alamosa, Colorado can be quite chilly (Just this week the highest calls for 25 and lows -23) Two months ago, me and my Coach agreed that it would be best for me to head to Houston 6 weeks before the marathon trials to avoid the low temperatures.

This decision was an easy one as I had the most amazing people to support me. At home my older sister Norma and Immigrant Resource Center agreed on taking care of the tutoring program and in Houston the Coach and members of the Rice University Cross Country and Track Team whom I met back in 2008 at the Houston Half offered a place for me to stay.

Its been already two weeks since I arrived in Houston and quite honest I could not ask for a better setting. Becky Wade, who send me an open invitation to come and stay at her place in Houston has been amazingly supportive. She made sure I was well situated before she left for vacation. She showed me around and let me borrowed her bike. Also, she introduced me to the most wonderful hosts, Lennie Waite and Allyson Pye. They offered for me to stay in their place as they had an extra guest room I could use.

Im so amazed of how accommodating all of them have been. The location is amazing, I can get to the Olympic trials course either by running (3 miles) or by bus. It only takes 10 minutes to get there by bus and the bus stop is just around the corner. Also, I can run from home to run around the loop at rice university and Hermann park.

Thanks to Rice Cross Country Coach, Jim Beven, I am allow to use to the Rice University's training room facilities.

Most days I have to train on my own. Sunday has been my lucky day as Ive been having company for the past 3 Sundays.

Im excited and confident about the upcoming trials. As long as I follow the training schedule, take care of the little things, and believe my best marathon is yet to come I know the trials are going to be amazing.

Today, after the 22 miler, I can tell my training is coming around and my body is feeling stronger as the days go by.

I am so greatful and thankful for all the love and support given. By far, the best Christmas present one could ever ask for.

Happy Happy Holidays!!!

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Franfri said...

Amiga Zoila, no me extraña que te hayan acogido tan bien en Houston, si tú eres un encanto. Me alegro que estés tan bien y de que todo vaya a la perfección. Serán días duros, semanas difíciles, ya lo sabes, pero tú eres fuerte, tú tienes la capacidad y la mentalización suficiente para afrontar unos trials que ojalá te den un billete olímpico que te mereces y espero que puedas conseguir.

Aunque en la distancia, cuentas con todo nuestro apoyo. Un abrazo enorme desde el otro lado del charco.