Sunday, March 25, 2012


Taking the kids from In The Arena after school tutoring program to the circus was a no-brainier. During the week the main conversation at tutoring was: Are you going the circus? and the answer would be the same: "No, my mom has things to do and dad is at work" Then, I had a brilliant idea, as long as someone helped me transport the kids to the the recreational center where circus was located (2 miles away from tutoring program) I could definitely take care of them there. If I only had a van, but I did not.

So, I went around the neighborhood and proposed to parents and kids. Make story short, that afternoon after tutoring I had a group of 11 kids going to circus. All of then could go in for free except adults. When I arrived there with my 11 kids, the person at admissions said: "Only one adult per 2 children" After, I explained I had volunteered to bring all this kids, a few questions regarding my role at ITA, and a possible ITA credential he proceeded to let all of us in. So, hint, hint, Im considering getting an In The Arena credential for future events.

I have not seen my kids this excited and happy. It reminded me of the very first time I went to a circus when I was little in Mexico. It was awesome to see many families and other kids there. All of us had a great time. It felt good to see the kids laugh and be entertained by real performers.

It was good to see that many kids and adults forgot about television, video games, or technology for once. Opportunities like this makes me appreciate and truly respect the organization I work for. In the Arena allows me have a flexible job which in many occasions turns out to be a life experience to all people involve. Having the opportunity to take my kids from tutoring to the circus is an experience all of us will remember for years to come. Just as I remember my very first time at a circus some 25 years ago.

Hope you enjoy a couple of videos from the show as much as we did.

What was your favorite?

Please leave your comments as I will be showing and teaching my kids at tutoring program about blogging.

Also, if you would like to get involve with this amazing organization, In The Arena, know that you can always make a donation or volunteer. If interested shot me and email: and I will be happy to direct you.

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