Monday, March 12, 2012


This weekend called for first athlete appearance ever for USATF at a mayor event in Miami. Never been in Miami before, so tried to make the best of the opportunity. Here some pictures and summary of the event.

Calle Ocho is the culmination of the two week long Carnival Miami in Miami, Florida. The largest ‘Latino’ celebration in the US.

Calle Ocho boasts city blocks full of musical stages, international foods, sampling sites and children’s entertainment. Nearly 1 million people come from all of the United States to dance, eat and celebrate Hispanic traditions.

Calle Ocho attracts more than 1 million people every year with a majority of Hispanics and Latin Americans. Almost 90% of Calle Ocho’s attendees are Spanish-speaking.

Me and distance runner an world championship participant, Sergio Reyes, were invited to come and join the crew at Calle 8 to help promote the sport. Information in Spanish versions of the USATF membership application, surveys and brochures were provided.

The Goals of The Market Calle 8 was to increase awareness of USATF among an unfamiliar demographic, increase membership, and gain valuable insights of this demographic through survey data.

Asi es senoras y senores USATF en busca de apoyo hispano. Asi que bienvnidos!

Thank USATF for the invitation~ It was quite an honor to be able to represent and help spread the word around about USATF within the hispanic population in Miami at Calle 8.

Got to meet and visit with two GREAT hispanic racers ~ Jorge Arteaga and Bryan Ortiz from NASCAR~ Fuel Your Dreams/ Alimenta tus Suenos!

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