Sunday, October 21, 2012


Another year in which our kids from the Tutoring program take part of the local 3 race Cross Country  series at the Alamosa Parks and Recreational  Center.  The entries are free and this event gives  parents and children the opportunity  to go outside and be active. Nine of our kids represented ITA Tutoring program well. In recognition for running the three races all of them received a free T-shirt from the parks and recreational center.
 Nothing is more rewarding than heading  back to the center to do homework after a race and  hear only positive feed backs from the kids. This is an event that all of them look forward to participate.  The highlight of this year is the parents involvement.  Each parent took action and helped organize this years transportation.

Araceli is a talented girl both athletically and academically. Araceli is the oldest of 4 children. She loves collecting items. She is in charge of the ITA library. She takes leadership from time to time and helps little ones with homework.  On the last race she finish 6th with a huge personal best of 7:23.
At the end of the race her comment was " I don't know why, but my head really started hurting after I crossed the finish, that is kind of weird" 

The New ITA Generation. Once their older brothers and sisters move on theses are the kids that will be taking over at the Tutoring Center. For now, they enjoy coming to the races to cheer or walk with the other youngsters. Lupita, standing is the one leading the way as she already competed in this years races. Her best time 11:49.

Alan 8 is a handful, he has been making huge strides academically. Loves math and spelling.              

High Altitude Challenge     
September 25th, 2012            
 Distance: 1 Mile
5. Fredi Tomas 7:22 
22. Alan Flores 9:22
29. GiGi DeLuna 10:25
                                                                                     30. Carlos Gonzales 10:26
                                                                                     38. Miguel Gonzales 14:16
                                                                              39. Angel Valverde 14:16
                                                                                 40. Andres Valverde 14:16

26. Araceli Tomas 9:41
27. Lizeth Zacarias 9:53
28. Diana Gonzales 10:20
39. Guadalupe Gonzales 11:49

Race 2
October 2nd, 2012


12. Fredi  Tomas 7:50
23. GiGi DeLuna 9:10
24. Carlos Gonzales 9:25
28. Alan Flores 9:37
37. Angel Valverde 13:50
38. Miguel Gonzales 14:12
                                                                       43. Andres Valverde 14:12


11. Aracei Tomas 7:53
36. Diana Gonzales 10:34
      45. Guadalupe Gonzales 13:56

October 9th, 2012
Race 3


13. Fredi Tomas 7:57
22. Alan Flores 8:55
36. Carlos Gonzales 10:56
44. Angel Valverde 14:25
45. Miguel Gonzales 14:29
46. Andres Valverde 14:40

6th Araceli Tomas 7:23
30. Diana Gonzales 10:30
38. Guadalupe Gonzales 11:58


Fredi is not only a fast miler but a fast reader too :)

So proud of Andres. He participated in every race and finished them all. Andres suffers from asthma. My Champ!

Alan in action being paced by his older brother and ITA member,  Brayan. Flores. Alan  Broke the 9 minute barrier by running 8:55 in the last mile event.

They love it when they get new material. 

Miguel loves to read. 

Back to office to do some homework.

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