Sunday, November 4, 2012


Halloween celebrations at the tutoring program turned into a creative learning experience for our kids.
It all started with an idea. One of our volunteers from Adams State University, Cristina Mace stepped it up and asked if she could plan something fun for Halloween. 

Since the beginning of the year Cristina volunteers her time to the program one time a week. The kids have learned to love her and respect her. Some the girls refer to her as " My new best friend Cristina".  Cristina is been long enough in the program that she has learned to identify the needs of our kids. For her it was easy to realize that many of them were not going to be able to afford a custome or even celebrate the scary and fun day, Halloween.
 Fredi:  With a huge smile " Zoila look what I got for tomorrow, can you please take a picture of me on it?" 
Me: With a huge smile " I would love to! Give me a hug, you deserved a costume and more"

Araceli, at the Alamosa Elementary School annual Halloween parade :)

With her idea in mind 
Cristina managed to get  donations from her classmates and friends from the University. She collected customs for kids and was able to buy material to help the girls make  their own designed  costumes. Students from her social class volunteered to come and help. That Wednesdey before holloween the center took a different shape. 

New visitors showed up with materials, cookies and juice. A small party. Girls enjoyed the crafting activity and most importantly the unexpected guest, the time, ideas, and great intentions. At the end, they were set to celebrate with everyone else the following day.

At the Harvest Party!

Cristina went the extra mile, on Halloween day Cristina along with her classmates and friends came by the apartments to take the kids  to a harvest party in town. Next day, kids came up to me and told me all about how much fun the had. Its been so fun to have Adams State University students come aboard and make an impact on the lives of our kids.

Forever grateful!

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