Sunday, May 19, 2013


Today I want to share with all of the In The Arena fans a video produced by a great friend, community member and producer, Beatriz Waddell. So many hours of work and filming in a 13 minute documentary. It is wonderful to see the fruits of labor, dreams, team work and lots of dedication in this video.  No words can't explain how bless I am, to have the family, friends, and mentors to make our tutoring program, community work, and college coaching a reality.

Enjoy, get inspired and share with the world.

To In The Arena and Beatriz Waddell: Thank You!!!

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Jesús Francisco Aguilera Moreno said...

Me ha encantado. Grande. Magnífica.

Un abrazo y a continuar viviendo y compartiendo el sueño.

P.D. Hace poco me entrevistaron por la celebración del segundo aniversiario de mi blog Mis Atletas. ¿Adivinas de qué entrevista hablé?