Sunday, June 2, 2013


With 2nd Graders from Mrs. Lopez Class whom I visited and played with early in the year.

Another year in which our young kids get the opportunity to have fun and participate in the most unticipated race of the spring, the mile fun run at Alamosa, Elementary. My role in this race is being there to support and cheer them on.

2nd Graders from Miss Lopez Class

The highlight of the day is to see every single kid complete the challenge. I love seeing them sweat, compete and fight until the very end. Just like polish Olympian, Karolina Jarzynska told our kids during her recent visit to our program (Watch video from last post). "It does not matter what place you get as long as you participate and always give your best"So, that is exactly what our kids did :)

Alan Flores (ITA)

Carolina (ITA)  and Lupita (ITA & RWUS!)

Enjoy a few pictures from the kids that are regulars in our after school tutoring program. So proud of everyone. To the teachers and organizers, many thanks for such a well organized and healthy event.

Jessica Tomas followed by Jessica Higareda both particpated at last years RWUS! program 

Armando Martinez (ITA and RWUS!)

Jessica Higareda (ITA & RWUS!)

Carlos Gonzales (ITA & RWUS!)

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